Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tag Teamed

The social network known as Plurk has afforded me the opportunity to encounter utterly fascinating, intelligent, diverse individuals. Today, I have been tagged by two particularly lovely women. First up, Not A Mean Girl. She is genuinely kind and warm. She's the person who puts her heart and soul out there for all to see. For that, I admire her.

Second tagger is Yoonamaniac. She considers herself a misanthrope. I can respect that self-label. However, I just see her as someone who is very discerning with whom she lets in her life. I can totally dig that.

Here are the rules:
Step #1 - Link to the person who tagged you. See above.
Step #2 - Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about yourself. This gives fellow bloggers (and your readership) a chance to actually get to know you better.

1. I was cursedly nicknamed Sarah Heartburn when I was a little girl. It's a name play on the silent film actress Sarah Burnhardt. Apparently, I was quite dramatic and cried easily. I'm sure it was earnest emotion, but they figured I was an attention starved little girl. I'm the youngest of eight kids. Attention wasn't always easy to come by! To be honest, I still cry easily, but not at the drop of a hat or for attention. I blame my marriage and its demise as a contributing factor in hardening my heart a little bit..

2. I suffered frost bite in my fingers when I was a about 7 years old. I had gone sledding with my older brother and cousin. Back in the early '70s there was no such thing as waterproof mittens. My wool mittens were soaked and the temperature dropped. I recall waiting in a phone booth and calling my aunt to come pick us up. While waiting, I took off my right mitten and noticed my middle finger was white and numb. I stuck my finger in my mouth in an attempt to warm it and, with my pointy canine tooth, I accidentally bit the frozen flesh. I can still envision the blood surfacing. When I finally got home, mom took me to the bathroom and I soaked my hands in cool water. Then, luke warm and finally I regained feeling. We never went to the hospital or doctor for it. To this day I have circulation issues. My hands turn ghastly, corpse like white when I'm chilled. Sometimes, it occurs when I've simply been idle for too long. Creepy.

3. Every piece of furniture in my home is second and third hand. There is nothing other than my computer desk that is first hand-purchased by me. Even the computer I use is second hand. If not for the generosity of family and friends I would not have the creature comforts of couches, chairs, beds and television. Yep. Even my TV is a throw away. MY former brother-in-law found it sitting on the curb. He asked the owner if she was tossing it and for what reason. If memory serves me correctly, she told him they broke or lost the remote for it.

4. As a teenager I was often told I resembled Brooke Shields. I never saw it, but I had no problem hearing it.

5. I can't remember hearing my mother say "I love you." I have no doubts that she did and said it, but by the time she passed away, she was in severe pain (cancer) and unable to handle much. The last time I saw her was in ICU. When I hugged her for the last time I caused her physical pain and she pushed me away and asked me to leave. In her defense, she was heavily medicated with morphine. I was 15.

Bonus: In spite of what interesting facts you just read, I am a happy girl. I love my life and I cherish each moment I am blessed to be on earth. My son is the greatest joy ever brought given to me from God. I wouldn't trade my past because I find no use in wishing for do-overs. I know my parents did the best they could in raising me with the resources they were given.

Have no fears readers and bloggers and friends ... oh my! I am not tagging. I think I'm the last of many to have been given this challenge. Feel free to comment and tell me something groovilcious about yourself!


  1. You are so wonderfully lovely... Miss Blue Lagoon... inside and out. I loved this post and request more in the same vein.
    November ain't over yet!!


  2. You're certainly right about no do-overs in life, but still reading this makes me adore you even more. It's important to appreciate what you have in life, and you do that more than most. *hugs*
    Oh, and who wouldn't want to be told she looks like Brooke Shields!?!?!?i

  3. Nice, Brooke Shields... me, they call me Lucy.

    I love the things you have shared here... you are indeed an amazing woman!

  4. I could so see it that people would say you resembled Brooke Shields!

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Excellent, I love everything you wrote here about yourself. You got my water works going on number 5 and believe me I know of what you speak. You are a fantastic woman and now I love you even more than before! Thank you for sharing.


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