Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, my achin' head

I have serious noggin' throb. I blame the barometric pressure. It seems to have an effect on my cranium. Temperature change? Thump thump thump. I'm sure I need a new mattress. I could use a chiropractor. A massage wouldn't hurt. I have Advil and a heating pad.
Sunday was a day of feeling puny. So, much of it was spent on the couch. I was feeling Christmassy for some bizarre reason. The Man-cub and I selected CHRISTMAS VACATION to watch while I zoned out. Boy, did I zone out! I swear the couch injected me with a sleep serum the minute Chevy Chase got the blasted lights to illuminate. I awoke in time for Aunt Bethany to belt out "play ball!" Zoinks!!
This morning I awoke feeling relatively well. I sent the boy off to school and got comfy. Where? On the couch, of course. I was cozy with my two faux fur throw blankets and watched Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I could have gone the rest of my life not seeing it. The next flick on the mini-screen at casa de Riss? WAR, INC. That's the semi-controversial John Cusack movie. Hilary Duff makes a screen appearance totally opposite her Lizzy Maguire period. She's good. The movie is awesome. I love THE Cusack, but there's more to that movie than his presence. I need to watch it again to catch more of the subtle messages. I'm not politically savvy.
Prior to viewing WAR, INC. there were previews. I normally zip through those; paying no attention. However, this time I let it go because my head started to throb and I realized I hadn't injected myself with caffeine (what was I thinking?) An Aaron Eckhart movie called Meet Bill caught my eye. Immediately, I added it to my Netflix queue. Indie films are rapidly becoming must sees in my domain. I picked up something from the post office today, but I haven't opened it. I love the surprise! I think, however, it might be a Johnny Depp/Christina Ricci film: The Man Who Cried. I'll let you know how that one impresses me.
It's time for me to turn in. How do I know? My shoulders and middle back are aching. This is a common occurrence after working. I'm tall. The machines I work with are not. Well, they are not raised high enough for my height. I crouch or slouch all day. I'm constantly rolling my shoulders back and trying to relieve the stress between my shoulder blades. Sometimes i have no problem. Throw in the chill in the air and voila! Instant back tension. Sitting here typing only makes matters worse.
In honor of my aching head and back, I will leave you with this homage to pain:


  1. I love me some John Cusack so now I have to pick up this movie War,Inc. I love the video! I hope you are feeling better!

  2. "The Man Who Cried" kinda weird, but Johnny Depp as a sexy, swarthy Gypsy? You can't go wrong. I watch it everytime it comes on Sundance.

    I thought "Walk Hard" sucked hard.

    Hope your head is better :)

  3. Read. Absorbed. Zoinks.

    You nut .....


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