Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Driving Down Highway 40

I was checking out the vids on youtube because I was avoiding kitchen duty. The chili I made in the crock pot and consumed is settling heavily in my gut. Perhaps it was the second piece of corn bread. No matter, I have no desire to move.
While on the most popular video uploading site known to man (perhaps just me), I thought I'd find inspiration for a Thanksgiving post. My initial consideration was to share a pictorial montage set to the tune "Over the River and Through the Woods ..." You know the old standard song. No one knows the words beyond the introduction. The rest is just hummed or, in my case, made up to suit the mood.
With consideration to the knowledge that I am, by no means, a standard kind of girl, I thought of this little catchy song:
Now, before you go screwing up your face and say, "Marissa, what the hell does that song have to do with giving thanks? You screwball woman!" Let me explain. Man-cub and I are compadres. We travel together often. And in those times it's usually just the two of us. I had a coworker who downloaded a bunch of kooky tunes for me and "Driving Down Highway 40" happened to be on that compilation CD. Mancub was a mere 6 years old when I unleashed the sublime qualities of Brak. Oh, we'd seen Space Ghost Coast to Coast. But never had we heard that catchy sing-a-long ... and boy do we sing along.
We no longer need the accompaniment of the CD. Man-cub is well versed in all the verses. He has the voice characterizations down to a science. It's magical.
Without fail, when we're driving down highway 80, we break out into song. Yes, this song. It's our tradition. On Thanksgiving we'll be making our way to grandmother's house. There's no river or wood or snow to drive our front wheel drive sleigh through.
We don't have a big ol' pick up truck, but there's no doubt we'll be singing this at the top of our lungs until we're in a fit of laughter. It's a never fail remedy to the highway doldrums.


  1. Anyone that indoctrinates their kids with [adult swim] has got to be pretty damn cool in my book!


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