Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Day with Ah-Dumb

part one of Ah-Dumb

Day 3 November 3

There I stood on my porch in astonishment of the gifts bestowed upon me. Adam, his toddler and I adjourned to my living room. It was clear she wasn't sure what to make of what to make of me or this new surrounding. She plopped herself in the safety of her father's lap as we sat on the floor. He grabbed the bag he brought in and one by one started handing small tokens to me with explanations of why he wanted me to have them.

First, was a box of chocolate covered cherries. He remembered me saying how much I loved them, but they were such a rich indulgence. Second, a pair of silver drop earrings. They were simple and perfect for everyday. He thought they'd be ideal and not get in the way when he nuzzled my neck. Third was a book. "365 Days of Kisses." He inscribed the inside front cover. "Let's work our way through this -- Ah-Dumb."

It goes without saying that I was immediately smitten. Oh yes, I was deep in smit!

The day continued with conversation and a light lunch. Eventually his little one would take a nap leaving Adam and I to our own devices for amusement. We'd not kissed in the presence of his daughter. However, that all changed once she was soundly sleeping. He wasn't a voracious kisser. It's as if he was wanting to savor each and every lip lock; committing each one to memory.

We discussed our plans for the following day. I was ecstatic that he was so enthused about me that he wanted to see me again that quickly. I'd been accustomed to men keeping me hanging on for the next date.

He collected his sweet child and they traversed back to their home 30 minutes away. I retreated to my home and allowed myself to bask in the afternoon's delight.

.... tomorrow


  1. What was that? What was that?
    You are a dirty tease, my friend.

  2. You know, when I typed in "....tomorrow" i had a feeling I'd be hearing from you about the tease! lol

  3. I am salivating for the next part of this story! It sounds like it's going to be a good one!


  4. What a cliffhanger! My fiance's name is Adam so the Ah-Dumb cracked me up..I'll have to save that one for the right moment:-)

  5. Okay, it is not right to have read these backwards, but I will say this...
    Ah-Dumb sounds like someone in love with the idea of being in love. And, for the benefits that it will bring him.



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