Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe, just maybe ...

This was sent to me by my sister's dearest friend Kris. I'm fortunate to have her as a friend and confidante, too. She never fails to send me such things on days like today.

Today was a very frustrating workday. It seemed those who are expected to be informative and professional lost all comprehension and ability to serve the customer. Perhaps it was just my perspective and I'm being a bit harsh. I can only say that from my point of view, I was asked inane questions and interrupted numerous times. This, in turn, caused my own work to be delayed and I was left rushing. When I rush and can't concentrate, mistakes are made. When I am derailed, and keep in mind I'm a slave to the clock ticking away, I get irritable and unfriendly. I'm curt and dismissive. My psycho vein visible throbs on the left side of my head. It's not pretty and people eventually get the idea that it's best to seek the help of someone who isn't me. I have a job to do. One hour to do it. You might recall that I've been trying to maintain calm at work. I think last week's perkifest was just too much.

Maybe . . . We were supposed to meet the wrong people
before meeting the right one so that, when we finally
meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful
for that gift.

Maybe . . . When the door of happiness closes, another
opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed
door that we don't even see the new one which has been
opened for us.

Maybe . . . It is true that we don't know what we have
until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't
know what we have been missing until it arrives.

Maybe . . . The happiest of people don't necessarily
have the best of everything; they just make the most
of everything that comes along their way.

Maybe . . . The brightest future will always be based
on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on
successfully in life until you let go of your past
mistakes, failures and heartaches.

Maybe . . . You should dream what you want to dream;
go where you want to go, be what you want to be,
because you have only one life and one chance to do
all the things you dream of, and want to do.

Maybe . . . There are moments in life when you miss
someone -- a parent, a spouse, a love, a friend, a
child -- so much that you just want to pick them from
your dreams and hug them for real, so that once they
are around you appreciate them more.

Maybe . . . The best kind of friend is the kind you
can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word,
and then walk away feeling like it was the best
conversation you've ever had.

Maybe . . . You should always try to put yourself in
others' shoes. If you feel that something could hurt
you, it probably will hurt the other person, too.

Maybe . . . you should do something nice for someone
every single day, even if it is simply to leave them
Maybe . . . giving someone all your love is never an
assurance that they will love you back. Don't expect
love in return; just wait for it to grow in their
heart; but, if it doesn't, be content that it grew in

Maybe . . . Happiness waits for all those who cry, all
those who hurt, all those who have searched, and all
those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the
importance of all the people who have touched their

Maybe . . . You shouldn't go for looks; they can
deceive; don't go for wealth; even that fades away! Go
for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only
a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one
that makes your heart smile :-)

Maybe . . . You should hope for enough happiness to make
you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough
sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you

Maybe . . . You should try to live your life to the
fullest because when you were born, you were crying
and everyone around you was smiling but when you die,
you can be the one who is smiling and everyone around
you crying.

Maybe. . . You could send this message to those people
who mean something to you, to those who have touched your life, to those
who can and do make you smile when you really need it, to those who make
you see the brighter side of things when you are really down, and to all
those whom you want to know that you appreciate them and their
friendship, and even to those who just simply need to hear these
Maybes... in hopes that it changes their lives in some positive way.


  1. Oh my goodness.... not sure why, but this touched me deeply and has me crying like a baby...

    Thank you. I will share this...

  2. Nice post! I really like this one:
    "Maybe . . . You should always try to put yourself in
    others' shoes. If you feel that something could hurt
    you, it probably will hurt the other person, too."
    I try and live my life that way, but sometimes it's easy to forget.

  3. This is beautiful Marissa. I try to make the most of everything that comes my way, and I have dreams that are so strong that some of them are starting to come true. I think if you combine dreams with constant, repeated & regular upbeat... positive thinking, things start to turn in your favor. Seems to be working with my Baby who I still can't believe I'm so lucky to have.


  4. Damn woman, perfect timing, I needed to read this today! You see? This is why I love you! MWAH!


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