Friday, November 28, 2008

ACK! Friday

Black Friday. Daunting term. I realize it supposedly marks the first massive spending day for the holiday season. This day, in theory, will stimulate the economy and encourage everybody to shop and spend their children's college fund (if they are so fortunate), or yank money out of their 401k to shower their family and friends with tons of gifts. If you're like someone I call Blondezilla, you buy loads of goodies for yourself to and you, at age 44, call your daddy and ask him to put more money in your account to cover the checks you wrote *giggle*. Barf!

Black Friday. Black Plague, Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer. Black Bart, Black Pearl the Pirate Ship. You get the point. The biggest day of shopping has an ominous tone in my world.

I do not enjoy shopping. I might splurge from time to time at Bath & Body Works when they are having one of their mega clearance sales. I will partake in a ridiculously marked down pair of shoes or boots. I am not a brand or designer name devotee.

I enjoy my sleep. It's a beautiful thing for me to sleep in. Hanging out at 4:00 a.m. with cranky, bitchy, rude women and their children who, in their anxiousness to save $30.00 on a PS3 or a ridiculously overpriced pair of jeans at Express, are still in pajamas and slippers!!

Yes, the one year I braved the insanity with my sister and her daughters I saw just that. The clerks in the stores are not as overjoyed by the madness as the shoppers. Do the store associates get extra money? It's highly unlikely.

I'm not a fan of Black Friday. I applaud those of you who get a rush from waking up when most of us are just hitting our REM phase of sleep. I don't understand you, but I will give you kudos. I hope the economy benefits from your bravery. As for me, I'm in the comfort of my home (in my pjs) and watching a Starter Wife marathon while searching for deep cut discounts.


  1. I HATE Black Friday. I have only gone shopping once on the day after Thanksgiving and that was enough for me thankyouverymuch!

    I'm with you - couch, good show, comfy clothes!


  2. I used to be a fan of black friday but no longer that ship has sailed for me. I'm with you, give me my pj's and the couch!

  3. Hi Riss,

    I'm a GiGi Lavangie fan too.


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