Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Glitter on the highway...

...glitter on the mattress...

Not so fast, cowboy!!

The other night the snow was falling as I drove home from work. The temperature was below 15°F. The flakes were small, but not pellet like. Going the speed limit on I-57 wasn't optional. There was no rush to get home because the headlights shining on the freshly fallen snow was magical. Wet, big flakes don't have the same sparkle quality of the colder snow. If you live in a region where it snows you will understand.

Don't laugh.

For once in my life it seemed as if the roads were paved with glitter just for me.

Shut up. I said don't laugh.

When you're a woman like me, you have to find moments that make you feel exquisitely special. Those moments often have to be created in the mind. If only it could have been captured in a photo.

The snow causes the world to hush. I loathe the cold, but snow brings with it something so ... comforting.

At last my path was lined with glitter. I took it as a sign from the universe that this new year will be spark-tacular!

OK, you're right. That was corny. I'm corny.

The road is paved in glitter and leads right to my door.

Feelin' a new attitude

Hello, 2014! Welcome to my life. You bring with you the promise of clean pages on which to write. I won't leave the old chapters behind, but it is time for a new book to be written. A new saga in a series.

In general, grand resolutions aren't made in the house of Riss. However, seeing it as a marker for a new start suits me. Making promises and not keeping them seems foolish. Why not adopt something that will bring enlightenment and joy? As I said in yesterday's post, I am ready to take a chance again. Throw some caution to the wind and let my heart soar instead of being sore.

Who's with me? Anybody wanna jump on the new attitude train? I was going to say the Riss-train, but that would some how be turned into a perverse notion and the next thing you know invitations to partake in a human centipede would arrive. Yeesh.

As part of my new attitude campaign, the look of this blog has changed. It is a tad spiffier and spruced up. We've parted ways with the definitive lines. Curly Qs have taken up residence. Do you like it? I do.