Sunday, May 30, 2010

Knee Deep in the Hoopla

Friday night was a blast!  The weather cooperated as a small group of us laughed our asses off around the fire pit at Julie B's Backyard Tiki Lounge.  I'd go into detail but not I'm not willing to risk incriminating the slightly inebriated (they know who they are).  The camera was left in my purse.  The flash of a digital camera just breaks up the flow anyway.  It was totally bitchin' to get to yap some classmates I hadn't seen in forever! One of the best moments was delivering a letter and photo that had been sitting on my desk for over a month.  The photo was proof that when a bunch of football playing high schoolers get together for camp, it's not just about bashing opponents and talking about hot girls.  Although, I'm sure some of that did happen ... but a moment in time was captured on film that spoke volumes about camaraderie.

The weekend isn't over.  A long weekend, at that, for most.  I get today off and that's it. So, someone else out there needs to enjoy themselves double time for me.  Volunteers will be hard to come by, I'm so sure.

I have a boat load of stuff to do today yet here I sit blathering while the remainder of my coffee gets cold.  My workouts need to be stepped up to another level or something.  My weight hasn't changed in a couple of weeks.  That's heavy on my mind.  HA! More like heavy on my ass and thighs.  I'm alternating work outs. Seriously, I think I moved to phase 3/4 of Power 90 too soon, but 1/2 wasn't challenging me anymore.  Now, I'm using Turbo Jam cardio and sculpting.  It's my own hybrid variations to keep surprising my body.  Next week I intend on ordering another program that is much more intense and designed for more of what I believe my body needs at this stage of my get lean/lose weight endeavors.  I get bored easily.  Boredom and lack of results is why most people quit.  That's primarily why I've given up in the past.  Food is no longer my enemy or emotional comfort.  That fact alone is a giant hurdle cleared.

This morning I woke up with visions of biscuits and sausage gravy dancing in my head.  That's one of my all time favorite comfort foods.  The problem with making it is leftovers. I'd still be eating it for days.  Don't suggest freezing it.  My microwave defrosts quickly. I still want it however the feeling will pass like a fart in a whirlwind. I know I have a graduation party to attend later and there will be plenty of tempting treats to sample or ignore.  Food will always be there. Fear of not getting any isn't going to run my life as it had before.  Maybe it comes from growing up in a household with nearly a dozen people that causes that knee jerk reaction.  See, the desire to eat calorie and fat heavy foods hasn't really gone away.  My ability to say no and to make a healthier decision is simply stronger than the craving.  Besides, who wants to work out for 9 hours to burn off the artery clogging deliciousness? Not me!

OK, now I'm just babbling and my 'to-do' list isn't getting any shorter.  I wish you all a safe and joyful weekend.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it!

For what it's worth, that Pointer Sisters song was playing on the radio the first time I ever made out. I was 19.  Yep. Late bloomer.  With whom did I lip lock? A nice christian boy attending Olivet Nazarene College (now University).  I later found out he had a girlfriend back home.  Dirtbag! Shame on him for scamming on the local girls. I hope she broke his heart.

Anyway, I'm excited because once again the Eastridge High School Class of 1983 is gathering together for fun, frolic, food and general merriment.  We'll use any excuse to have a party and the homecoming of our friend Dale is is the perfect reason. In April, a small group of us gathered at a local watering hole to share laughs and drinks with our very own all American hero.  My one and only high school date, in fact. Yeah, that guy. The famous PROM DATE. It'd been a long time since Mr. K had graced us with his presence.  A celebration long over due.  Now that was a hellacool reunion. Dale is headed back to the mother land and we couldn't be happier. Do we need a karaoke machine, kids?

It dawned on us at our 25th reunion how it was a shame we waited for official reunions to get together.  Ever since then, we've done what we can when we can to whoop it up middle aged style.

I want my friends to not be worried about my newly adopted healthy lifestyle to crimp their style. I won't be bringing something healthy made with tofu nor will I lecture about the evils of empty calories in alcohol.  This is a time to eat, drink and be merry!! Just bring on the Advil, water and turn off the ringer Saturday morning following the shindiggery.

It's your thang! Do what'cha wanna do!!  I know I sure as hell will :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lee or Crystal

  casinos chat

This is one season I can truly admit that I have no favorite. Last year it was clear that I was a complete GLAMBERT.  Really, in all honesty didn't he win? Record sales never lie.  Just ask Chris Daughtry.  Welcome to the finale chat, kids.  I'm armed with store bought limoncello.  This could get scary.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to write something

The will is there.  Trust me.  I've been putting some focus working on another project.  The downside of that is that it's hard for me to shift my brain from one place to another.  Something else that is a roadblock is worry that what I write for the other project will be crap until I get my feet under me and find a comfort zone in that realm. Hopefully, there's a grace period on suckitude. Does anyone else find that?  It's like being the new employee.  You're the odd man out and all eyes are on you.  Who do you trust? Will the boss like what you bring to the table? Will the old timers place bets on how long you'll last before you run out the door screaming, "Save me! Save me!!!"?

Today is Monday! The Blackhawks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Woo! That was just reported on the news.  It's the only reason I mention it.  I don't mind hockey. It's a groovy sport with a really long season.  I attended a couple hockey games when I lived in Georgia.  A guy I was friends with had season tickets for the Atlanta Thrashers.  Good times. That's the extent of my hockey involvement.  I'm not a bandwagon jumper.

There. I wrote something.  Maybe I'll have more to contribute later.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The blog formerly known as Wildhair

Oh, don't get your panties in a wad. I'm still me.  The wildhaired girl blood still pumps through my veins.  But it was time to take on a new moniker.  My world is ever expanding.  In fact, there will come a time when you may regard me as galactic!

Not long ago I decided to take a leap and invest in myself.  I'm not certain at what point it hit me that my personal value warranted it, but taking care of my body became vital.  Sure, that's something we should all deem necessary, and quite frankly, a no-brainer. Unfortunately, not all of us do that and I was the grand marshal of the self-defeat; self-loathing; self-deprecating parade.  With that newly discovered sense of pride and good health came the decision to own my domain -- I'm the master of my domain!! Heh.

"Wait a minute!" you might be yelling in your mind, "How in the hell do you go from changing to a healthy lifestyle to buying a domain name, weirdo!?"  I'll tell you -- I found value in myself.  That value spills over into many aspects of my life. Owning my domain name something that I'd talked about doing for years, but never did. Fear of commitment, maybe? When I realized it wouldn't cost me a kidney, it wasn't so frightening.  With encouragement from friends, that leap didn't seem so foolish. I will miss the former name of the blog.  Wildhair had become a part of me.  But like I said up yonder, the world in which this girl lives is growing and the horizons are expanding.  There is also a little joke I make now and then how I should start my own religion just to see how far I could go with it, you know, like Scientology.  It's all very tongue in cheek that I chose Marissology. It provides infinite possibilities.

So, you can still use the link-a-dink-a-doo for what was once here or simply start using . Blogger will happily redirect you. 

Oh yeah! When I purchased, they threw in for free.  If you use that one you'll be directed to my Team Beachbody page. Confused? You won't be when you tune in next week for the new episode of SOAP!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Freaks come out at night -- Friday edition

I blame my sister Mary for this Friday night affliction.  I posted a Schick Bush trimmer commercial on Facebook and some how she discovered this wack-a-doodle or free spirit, if you will.  Ever since I've been watching her dance around in various ensembles. Frightening close ups, sweaty clavicle, terrible lip syncing. What's not to love? It's like crack without the residual stench, but rehab may be required.  May you all sleep well -- Remember, dance like no one is watching and make certain to hit record on the video camera when you do it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't you wish your girlfriend kicked a$$ like me? Don't you?

We all have our good days and bad days. The majority, myself included, just keep plugging along despite what our mood may be dictating.  Yesterday was my seventh day in a row to report to work. There is no doubt that I let my disapproval of this scheduling blunder be known at every opportunity.  In the retail world of optics, working five in a row is often pushing the sanity buttons a bit much. I stand for much of my shift, OK? Not to mention, just like anyone's job, there are aspects about the work place that drive me absolutely bonkers given the chance.  That's where I have to take in what is useful and dismiss the rest of the din.  It's difficult particularly when my patience is hanging on a gossamer thread.

Sunday brought a disappointing call from my lab partner of the day. She was ill and unable to come to work. Being the super hero that I am, I said I was up to the task.  I've been doing this for 14 years. Grinding lenses can be done in my sleep.  Apparently the entire county of Kankakee suddenly lost their vision because they were piling in like we were giving away free pizza and beer.  That wasn't a problem. We needed the economic thrust.  If I'm kept busy then time flies.  My lunch was packed, per usual, so running out for eats wasn't mandated.  I did end up eating on the fly rather than sitting down to take a break.  Thank you spinach/turkey/hummus whole wheat wrap! That was gobbled down. Ha! Gobbled. Anyway, I often prefer to work alone because if something goes awry I have only myself to blame. Timing is everything which I also insist on dictating.  Live and learn. With exception to someone being a complete doofus, and it happens more than I like, if I'm flying solo few things get jacked up. Do what I ask and no one gets hurt. *snort* The workday is several hours shorter on Sunday than any other day of the week. The number of units I made in 4.5 - 5 hours was double what had been done on Saturday -- an eleven hour span with twice the technicians. Get it? I was running my ever decreasing in size posterior off.

Because we were so incredibly busy (not complaining), I was whooped by the close of business.  I did mange to keep my cool for the most part throughout the day.  One dude always manages to get under my skin, but that's just a personality conflict. Our doctor praised me and that was all I needed to get my second wind.  Still, the idea of going to work for a seventh day was very displeasing.  In an attempt to get out of working Monday, thereby giving me two much deserved days off in a row -- Tuesday is my scheduled day off -- I left a pleading note for my manager to find a way to make do without me.  It didn't fall upon deaf ears, but my presence was still needed.  UGH! Oh well, I get paid and it's fewer vacation hours I'll have to use.  What is rather hilarious about the whole scenario is the reaction I got from one of my less favorite coworkers regarding my over the top kick ass performance as a solo tech on Sunday.  We were packing it in for the night and I was clocking out.  All the tidying and end of day paperwork had been completed. The girl I worked with was still futzing around (moooooo) but I was ready to leave.  I said something like, "I'm out of here. Seven in a row and I had my ass handed to me yesterday! I'm tarrrred. Fourteen pairs!" To which she replied with a disgusted tone "I know. I heard." Very curt. I laughed to myself.  No, I laughed out loud as I walked away. I even threw my head back for dramatic emphasis because of her tone. The child in me wanted to say, "I'm super tech and you suuu-uuuuck!" But that would have just been out of line. Plus, I wanted to make an escape in order to get home by 9:00 PM to catch the final season episode of CASTLE.

Mmmm Nathan Fillion.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Random songs from a random girl

My friend Angie tagged me in a note on Facebook. I'm doing it here because I want to. I'm a rebel. But not a rebel without a tune.

Should you desire to play along, and you probably won't, here are the rules that are meant to be broken:

15 Random Songs

Instructions: Once you've been tagged... (1) Open iTunes or other mp3 player. (2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode. (3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please. (4) Choose 20 (or so) people to be tagged. It is generally considered to be in good taste to tag the person who tagged you.

If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about your musical tastes, or at least a random sampling thereof.

(To do this, go to "NOTES" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, enter your 15 Shuffle Songs, Click 'Preview' below to tag 15 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click Publish, the little blue box at the bottom of your screen....)

  1. "Suzie" - Boy Kill Boy (didn't even know I had this one)
  2. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" Michael Jackson w/ Akon from the 25th anniversary THRILLER
  3.  "Class Act" - James Hunter
  4.   "Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op 64:IV Andante Maestoso-Allegro Vivo" (Shut! Up! Seriously, it's there. I couldn't make this stuff up. It took me 10 minutes to type that out)
  5. "Taxi Dancing" -- Rick Springfield
  6.  "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" -- Lilo and Stitch soundtrack 
  7.  "DLZ" - TV on the Radio
  8.  "Go All the Way" - The Raspberries
  9.  "Full of Love" - Dr. Calculus ("She's Having a Baby" soundtrack)
  10.  "A Day In the Life" -- Michael Johns
  11.  "Hey Little Kitty" -- The Peekers
  12.  "Under the Milky Way"  -- Rick Springfield
  13.  "Home for the Holidays" -- Perry Como (there goes my street cred.)
  14.  "Get Together" -- Madonna (So f'ing what! I have new Madge on my iTunes. It's good cardio music. Yeah.)
  15.  "Soolaimon" -- Neil Diamond

And there you have it. Random play on Marissa's iTunes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I believe

My passion is no longer cheesecake

"There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock."  ~Author Unknown
Today I made myself stay in bed longer than my usual 5:30AM get up time. Maybe you have one of those nagging internal alarm clocks, too.  It's not like you can smack  yourself on the forehead and shut it off for 10 minutes.  Even if you could that seems like a rather foolish notion.  Despite the sun peeking through the drapes, I laid there determined to snooze in.  Roll to the left; pull the covers up higher. Roll to the right; slide the pillow over my eyes.  No point in all that movement and not be getting some cardio benefits.

That brings me to the question: When do you work out? Are you a hit the floor running type of exerciser? Do you need to settle in to the morning and then get to it (like me)? Do you prefer mornings but can't fit it in so you take care of the work out when you finish the work day? For me, waiting means my legs feel like lead.  Pushing myself to do one more rep is a real effort where in the morning I am raring to go -- after coffee, that is.
"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. ~Carol Welch
What about you folks who travel for either leisure or business? At what point do you get your work outs in. Now that I need to get some form of exercise in each day for my mental, as well as, physical health, I can't imagine going any period of time without it.  Now I have to wonder what you do if the hotel isn't equipped with a gym or treadmill.  What then?  Sure, you could go out for a run or power walk, I suppose. Don't go off the beaten path. You never know what kind of neighborhood lurks beyond the facade.  You could always travel with your personal trainer if you're so well off that is affordable for you.  Or, ooh! how about this. Do you have a laptop computer? I bet it plays dvds, huh? Instead of chillaxin' on the bed to watch "Bourne Ultimatum" or "27 Dresses" for the umpteenth time, you could use your own walking home gym and pop in P90X.  And then after you shower off the quarts of sweat you produced, you can watch those movies or whatever.  You'd be workin' out like a rock star, ya know.  Pink revealed on Oprah that the way she keeps her hard body during a tour is through P90X.  I know! Right?! It's so cool.  There's a long list of other celebrities who've discovered the benefits of the program without having to go to an outside gym. 
"I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing."  ~Marsha Doble
You thought I'd let another blog post slip by without singing the praises of the products of the company that has literally changed my life?  I sincerely tried to make this about my general life. And it is. I'm a passionate woman. Have you ever tried silencing a woman who finds a niche and passion in life? Exactly! I want everyone who encounters me to experience this with me.  It's just too good not to share.

I've been amazed by the amount of support I've received on Team Beachbody. When Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler began following me on Twitter, I about hyperventilated. I was on the phone with my Team Beachbody Coach when I got the email alert.  He was sharing something of value with me and I fought not to interrupt.  I think he'd be proud that I was listening instead of babbling.  Ha! Similar giddiness came over me when trainers Chalene Johnson (Turbo Jam, ChaLean Extreme) and Debbie Siebers (Slim in 6).  Debbie Siebers sent me a personalized message about a Tweet I sent out about having a dream that SHE was teaching me Slim in 6 program. These incredibly busy people take the time to be personal and that quality is not something you encounter every day.  There's a snowball's chance in h3ll that the CEO of my full-time job even knows who I am, let alone follow me on Twitter or address people on a personal level.


The other day a friend uttered words I never thought would be spoken to me.  It's no secret that I'm proud as a peacock to show off the curves that have been buried beneath inches of fat. Wearing clingy fabrics is less embarrassing because the pillow of flubber that squished from my bra band is vanishing.  The tape measure isn't as telling as my baggy trousers.  I'm losing inches somewhere even if the primary measurement spots aren't dictating that.  I tend to carry a lot of weight on my upper hip. The lovely muffin-top zone. Mine was a baker's dozen, m'kay? It's funny how much longer my pants are, too. Aaaaanyway, with my curves fully exposed, my friend comes rushing to me and says, "I want to know where your boobs are going!"  This took me off guard and I just blinked numerous times.  I hadn't noticed.  Shirts that button down were always avoided because they usually looked like sacks if I bought them big enough to close without gaps. I don't think Thelma and Louise are getting smaller. The back rolls and armpit boob,as I like to call it or more commonly known as the side-boob, are most definitely hitting the road.
Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” - Greg Anderson
The road to well-being is a journey.  Everything I am sharing is part of my journey that is surely not on a path that I walk alone.  As I spin around with joy, I see many foot prints and helping hands.  I see you there.  Oh, you may choose to be silent, but I know you're with me.  Some of you let your presence be known in small ways. Others prefer to make an impact statement.  It doesn't matter how y'all go about it.  It's there.  This is thrilling!

In the immortal words of Bartles and Jaymes, "Thank you for your support."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Love in a bag"

I'm providing this to those of you who are curious about the product that is helping me be successful on my quest to be healthy.  Please note my focus is not solely about losing weight.  My HEALTH is the motivation to keep pressing ahead.  What can I do for you to help you? Tell me, I want to know what your goals are. is a great place to start our journey together.

SHAKEOLOGY Co-creator Isabelle Daikeler conducts an informal but very insightful and informative Q & A.

What makes Shakeology better than 'other healthy shakes?'

Uncompromising integrity is what sets this amazing product apart from the stuff you buy in a can that has ingredients that are impossible to pronounce.

2-do or not 2-do

It started to set in last night.  I knew it was taking a toll while viewing "American Idol."  Wednesdays are elimination night. Quite frankly, there is little concern from this mommacita as to who is sent packing with their dreams tucked in their carry-on baggage.  This year isn't even snark worthy as years past have been. Sad, really.

Sad. That brings me to my mood that began last night.  It came from nowhere... much like the alien monster that threatens mankind in the B-movies of the '60s.  When the results show on Idol came down to Big Mike Lynche or Crystal and they told the dred-locked not full of the mange single mom, I almost wept.  I-DO-NOT-CARE! And that was all the indication required for me to know I was spiraling into despair (hyperbole).

As with all things Marissa, I had to analyze my dilemma.  There could have been a variety of reasons but nothing stuck out like that proverbial sore thumb.  Some possibilities were:
  1. I'm missing the man who holds my heart (no, he didn't rip it from my chest just like Swayze in "RoadHouse.")
  2. I didn't work out yesterday. I believe I am now dependent on the endorphins.
  3. Pushing myself to excel is not a frame of mind I'm accustomed to and I feel out of sync as a result.
  4.  I've never had much going on so organization and 'to-do' lists weren't necessary. Now they are. Ugh.
  5. The frickin' frakin' rainy, chilly weather has sucked all the happy out of me which proves that I NEED SUNSHINE! 
  6. A good belly laugh should be acquired daily and multiple doses are recommended. That didn't happen in over 24 hours.
There are probably other factors, but those are the things that stand out.  Everything but the weather is in my control.  Working out didn't really do the trick this morning when I awoke with the undeniable urge to burst into tears.  With a suspicion that my blood sugar was ailing, I had Shakeology after a cup of coffee.  Not quite myself just yet.  I let myself have a cry in the shower.  Then, the man I adore with every fiber of my being came to my rescue vie email and offered a much needed boost of compassion and affirmation that I'm his "Super Hero -- Wonder Woman." His words of inspiration gave me energy to put on make-up and get to work.  Once at work I talked to my friend Jen who expressed her concern for this out of character behavior in a manner only she can deliver.  The funky mood was surely melting away.  Work wasn't challenging.  In fact, I was bored out of my mind and the radio station wasn't playing tunage that altered my mental state. 

Finally making it home after what seemed a never ending workday, I managed a serious giggle by watching "I ♥ the '90's" with the Mancub.  Then, I turned to music to help me work off the funk. C & C Music Factory, Freak Nasty and Michael Jackson filled the prescription to get the happy flowing through my veins again.

A notebook is by my side so I can jot down things that matter and require attention.  I'm seeking inspiration through reading "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson (thank you, JPH). "Community" is on tonight which means the laughter will ensue.  I'll be just fine.  This blossoming chaos taking root in my cranium is a monster that can be tamed. It's a matter of taking this obstacle and turning it into an experience that spawns the necessity to get my poop in a group, as my Mama would tell me.

image borrowed from

Thought Full Thursday

This is one of those times where the random thoughts have been firing like Al Capone's Tommy Guns at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Here are a few for your reading enjoyment:
  • My underpants are getting baggy.
  • "Stop being so passionate about your newfound passion! You're perceived as a spazmatronic dipshit. Relax" -- inner voices
  • Am I really telepathic or is he?
  • I'd rather hear Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels singing "Mockingbird" than listen to Fantasia
  • Cashew butter or peanut butter? BOTH!
  • "Arrested Development" never should have been canceled. Idiots
  • Seriously, women will pay to watch sequel of that schlock?
  • Does Danielle Steel still write books?
  • When did "Glamour" magazine become "Seventeen" -- oh shit, I'm just that old.
  • Note to self: Do NOT attempt to wear ShapeUps when working out.
  • Her hair looks like it was hit with a paint ball gun filled with peroxide pellets. Meow, calico kitty, meow!
  • Marketing really jacked up when they posted a nostril shot.
  • Wow! Michael Keaton is on "Letterman" -- huh. wonders never cease.
  • There ya go. Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shaking things up

Belly bloat -- gone!
Fast food addiction -- GONE!!
Diet Coke fiendishness -- GONE! GONE!!
Irregularity --  I go!.... I mean, GONE!
Water retention -- Sayonara!
Low energy -- Hasta!

You get the idea, right? Shakeology has given me a new lease on my life.  For me, it came at a time when I was feeling really awful about the way I looked.  In the evenings, I had to force myself to make dinner for myself and my son. Then, I'd retire to the couch. Fall asleep. Wake up and, in many cases, grab a snack before going upstairs to bed.  It was pathetic.  My lunches consisted of whatever horrendous "food" was available in the food court at work.  Sodium and fat up the wazoo! I was quickly becoming the great expanding woman.

Then, a Facebook friend (he knows who he is) posted something about Shakeology.  I took action and ordered TWO bags. One of each flavor (Chocolate and Greenberry).  When they arrived in the mail, that same person suggested the Shakeology 3-day Cleanse to get me on the right track.  I did.  I haven't craved a Diet Coke or fast food meal since. Put me in Coach! I dropped 6.5 lbs in those three days.  B-E-A-U-tiful! What a way to kick start my lifestyle change, eh? You should know that the 'cleanse' in the 3-Day is not like some grody wear-a-diaper-just-in-case deal like that lemonade and chili powder thing. This detoxes your body and prepares it for a lifetime of good eating and fitness.  You're not going to feel light headed or incapable of lifting your arms to steer your car -- heavy machinery can be operated on this practical cleanse.

The people on this video are for real.  I've experienced what they are so energetically describing.  I keep sharing these testimonials because for the first time EVER I am truly and deeply inspired and motivated.  My commitment to my own health isn't isolated.  My compulsion to spread the good news can't be contained. I feel so good! I feel well!! That is what I want for each of you.

The other morning I wanted a bit of a change in my Shakeology. So, I squeezed fresh oranges into the blender, added ice and put in a scoop of the Greenberry flavor.  Remember the Orange Julius stand in the mall? Even more, do you remember the delicious beverage they served? Heck yeah! That's exactly what it reminded me of. Yummy, yummy for my tummy! Then, I posted that I am grateful for blueberries because they make plain yogurt palatable.  My Coach suggested adding Chocolate Shakeology to some plain, Greek yogurt. Seriously, it's to die for delicious 'pudding.' And ridiculously healthy and low-fat and fresh.

OK, I'm going to shut my pie-hole (by the by, there is a recipe for chocolate Shakeology pie) and let you view this video. For more information you can email me at or check out my website for more information on the 3-Day Cleanse and Shakeology.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day replay

Today is Mother's Day.  It's often difficult for me to write about my mother. The reason is because I really didn't know her.  The opportunity to wasn't afforded to me.  You see, she passed away when I was just a month and a half away from turning 16.  Being the youngest of her eight children, her time was very divided.  I felt lost in the shuffle. Talk about life being brutal, at times. There were other kids my age who'd lost their moms all too soon but it wasn't until recently that I learned these painful facts.  All that time in high school I felt alone.  We all apparently put on brave faces because that is what was expected. Kids are resilient, yet, it's a shame we had no other choice.  I wanted to find the darkest corner of the basement and just wither away.  However, I had to keep pushing ahead because it was easier for others to deal with me if I just put on a happy face.

Today I miss my mother just as much as I did in 1981.  The only difference is that I've learned to cope.  We never really get over the death of someone dear to us.  We just learn to manage without them being with us in the physical realm. She was a lovely person inside and out.

I have given much thought to my own mortality.  It is the sole reason of my quest for improved health. You see, my son is nearing age 16.  My age is a mere 6 years from that of my mother's death.  The image that he'd celebrate his 16th birthday under a veil of loss was enough for me to kick myself in the ass. For so long I felt my destiny was written for me since my mother's mother passed away when Mom was 16. Even though I had said repeatedly, "not me!" I still felt deep down that I'd meet my own fate as Mom had done. What hog wash! Foolish girl. It was high time I took hold of the factors in my life that I can control.

The following blog post is recycled from 2008. Happy Mother's Day.

Obviously if you're a mom you know 'Mother's Day' comes for us With each battle of the wills we get to celebrate motherhood. When he practices his ninja skills in the house and nearly destroys everything breakable in his path, you declare unconditional love. Then, wander off to silently weep and cry out, "where did he come from!?"

It's no surprise that my son, who is currently camped out on the love seat playing a video game, has no idea that today is Mother's Day. I am not going to bother reminding him. He's 14 and he's sincerely a wonderful boy. I get a celebration every time he gives me an unsolicited hug or does a chore without being reminded. In addition, the kid can make me laugh when I least expect it. Formality needn't be the course of today.

One thing I absolutely wish for is more vivid memories of my own mother who passed away in 1981. I was 15, but my memories are more like snapshots. I remember incidences but many are surrounded with sadness over her illness or arguments with my dad. I wrote once that my grief process involved being angry at her for dying. In turn, my joyful memories were pushed into the recesses of my mind. My subconscious took control. What I'm saying is it wasn't intentional. I did not hate my mother, but I was so devastated and lost.

There is one thing that was distinctive about my mom: Her laughter. I focus on how funny she was when she'd start giggling. The more she tried to stop; the more she'd laugh. She'd wind down only to rev up again ... eventually tears would ensue and the entire room would be laughing with her, but at her laughter rather than whatever it was that made her giggle so uncontrollably.

I don't know if it's genetic or not, but I'm able to find the funny in the mundane. Perhaps in the 15 years I did get to spend with her she taught me to be observant. Having grown up with very little, I'm sure she learned to find joy even in the most minute circumstances.

If all she could pass down to me was her laughter and the ability to find happiness when others feel defeated, well, I'd say that's a bounty of inheritance.

Happy Mother's Day -- may you find the funny wherever you go

Pics or it didn't happen

The title of this post is a phrase often used online when someone makes a claim of a certain situation taking place.  "I just saw a woman wearing a poodle on her head." That sort of thing warrants a pics or it didn't happen reply.

Since March 27th, I have been using Beachbody's Power 90 In-Home boot camp with Tony Horton.  Whenever I work out, I log on to Team Beachbody and click Super-Gym WOWY (Work Out With You). It's an ideal way to track your workouts.  The website is designed to support members (free, by the way) while they strive to achieve their goals for better health and fitness.  In fact, any program you purchase from Beachbody will remind you to log on to WOWY before the work-out starts.  Pretty fab, if I do say so myself.  Thanks to that awesometastic feature, I know that I've worked out 32 times with Tony Horton and 'the kids.'  After last night's Phase 3-4 Sweat and Ab Ripper 200 routine, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is. I snapped new photos to see if there was visible improvement on my body.  Yes, my clothes are fitting more loosely.  I have less bra roll flab, too.  But is it obvious when the clothes come off and there's nothing between me and the camera lens?

Once the photos were taken and I put the beginning photo next to the current image, I had to stare.  I thought certain my eyes were deceiving me.  I needed another opinion.  That required turning to someone I trusted to be forthright and brutally honest.  This person would have nothing to gain by lying.  They'd still need to have a stake in the matter -- the matter being my success in getting fit.  Without question I knew who'd give it to me straight and not coddle my ego.  John Hays. My Beachbody coach and mentor.

I took a deep breath after attaching the photos to an email and clicked send.  These photos motivate me to push myself even harder.  There is a long road ahead of me before I reach the physical fitness level I desire. Yet, just after 32 work outs, I see improvement.  What's even more reassuring and inspiring is that John saw the difference.  I hope he doesn't mind when I quote him. "Holy sh*t! Those are amazing! Seriously, I'm not blowing smoke, that's real visible progress! Skin is tighter, less fat, chest is higher, just tons better all over! Way to go!! Keep it up!!! :)"  I wept when I read his review of my before and current photos. Now, I must explain that despite my status of obesity, I am ridiculously vain. No doubt I inherited that from my mother.  It's painfully difficult for me to show vulnerability or allow myself to appear flawed. It's a sad mindset and one I'm attempting to overcome.  This is the first step.  At this time, I invite you to click the following links for the pictures I shared with John. Before you do, however, please take heed that these are NOT for the weak of stomach and faint of heart. The point of me sharing these painfully real images is because I need to be honest.  It's necessary for me to talk the talk and walk the walk.  There's no way around it.

Now, the much ado about something I blathered about on Facebook:  My body then (March 27, 2010) and now: Back view and Front view. Go on. Click the links. You'll leave this page but just hit the back arrow key in your browser to return here. Is it egotistical for me to say how proud I am of myself right now?

Delusions of grandeur are not on the menu.  The intense work outs and proper, healthful food consumption is worth every moment. It's not viewed as a sacrifice to turn down deep fried appetizers or dedicate 45 minutes per day to my well-being.  My mental and physical health are improving.  My son's health is improving due to the changes in our eating.  Our futures may not be certain, but the one thing I know is that we must do whatever is possible to make the most of every breath we take.

Through viewing the countless videos about the journeys toward healthy living others have made, I find inspiration.  It is my most sincere hope that even one of my readers will be equally motivated by my journey.

My quest is "Getting health and fitness back into living -- and it all begins today!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Time

I have to admit that it was a little intimidating at first. I had absolutely no idea what to do with what had been put before me. Fortunately, my handsome date was more than willing to guide me in proper handling.  The most difficult part was getting it to my mouth without making a mess all over myself.  My hand eye coordination is usually spot on, but I'd had a little wine and it went straight to my head ... not to mention the mere presence of the charming man was quite intoxicating in and of itself.  Oh, and he smelled absolutely delicious. He promised what I was about to devour would send me over the moon and into a near orgasmic state, but to be wary of too much wasabi on the first bite.  It would certainly clear out my sinuses.

Sushi.  Ever since that first mouthful I have craved it.  They aren't lying when they say it is edible art.  Gorgeous, but not so much that it didn't stop me from filling my gullet.  It shocked me how filling it is.  Never in my life had I mastered the use of chopsticks.  The Equal packets you see in the photo were used for practice before our meal arrived.  Had I not learned to use them, it would have been terribly embarrassing to rely on my fingers, or worse -- a fork. EEP!! Then again, it might have led to being fed by a gorgeous man. Damn! Me and my independent nature.

Writing about this didn't stave off my cravings for sushi or my date. *sigh*
Who's up for sushi?

But, but ... butt

One of the things I've experienced when talking to people who are curious about my weight loss is a laundry list of reasons, 'buts' for why they can't do it themselves.  That used to be me. Fear of change. Mortified that it would become just one more thing to add to the Marissa Failure list. And believe me, it's a long list. However, it was a conscious decision to look at those things I considered failures as trials for success.  Scientists know well that it takes several experiments before they get the results they desire. Often, those results never come. They scrap the idea and take a completely different route. Do they throw in the towel? No. They keep on plugging away until the desired results occur.

The groovy thing about getting healthy and fit is that it's not rocket science.  It's simple but we make it complicated by being human. Oh no! Beachbody⌐ helps simplify that which we humans choose not make murky. How? With its proven successful workouts and Shakeology⌐ (that link will take you to a place of education on the product). They worked diligently to take the guess work out so we don't have to spend all of our valuable time weighing and measuring. Gone are the days of paying ridiculous gym memberships few of us consistently use.  There it is in your home leaving little room for why you can't do it. Removed are the 'buts' and, in turn, your butt is decreased in size.  It's a win/win for you! And unlike the gym or other 'meal plan' diets, you're given money-back guarantees with Beachbody. Plus, you have support, support, support! Have you ever purchased a dvd from the store only for it to gather dust? Once you open it up it's yours to keep forever and ever and ever. Then, it becomes garage sale fodder.  I'm living proof that the products work.  I'm currently using Power 90, but prior to that I was using Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson.  Both programs work great! I switched to Power 90 because I required the structure of the 90 day In-home Boot Camp philosophy.  I wait with great anticipation of Chalene's latest in-home training TURBO FIRE!

You have to throw away all the buts and invest in yourself.  Feed the machine, your body, good things in moderation and exercise. Push away from youtube, Farmville and Netflix for an hour a day and devote that time to yourself. Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes. Set a goal to add 5 minutes the next day. Do standing push-ups off that sturdy oak tree in the park while you're out and about. Write on the calendar what you WILL do every day for yourself and, when you accomplish it, mark it off with vibrant X. When you do that you can see SUCCESS for the day.

Every SUCCESS STORY has a beginning. Why not make it TODAY!?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yo-yo, yo!

When I was a little girl I never quite understood what The Osmonds were singing about in this song. Yo-yos were a HUGE craze at the time. I never mastered any tricks. Hell, I could barely get the blasted thing to return to my hand. Usually it'd get tangled and stay down.  Let's hope life doesn't mirror my failed attempts to be a yo-yoer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm brilliant in bed!!

This morning I woke up early despite going to be at midnight.  My brain was working overtime with blog posts for a new project I'll soon announce. Because the iron seemed hot, I figured I'd get up and get cracking.  HA! The minute I sat down at the computer my mind went completely blank.  All I could think about was my morning coffee and pushing play on the dvd player. When I say pushing play I mean working out. It's the rule of thumb with Beachbody workouts -- It's not just an action but an attitude.

So, on with my serious brain fart this morning. It's a reoccurring phenomenon.  Rather than force myself to write pre-coffee,  I posted my dilemma on my Facebook wall.  You never know which status updates will trigger the most funny or thought provoking comments.  I knew my friend Angie Bailey wouldn't fail me. When I suggested I needed a laptop computer at my bedside, she came back with this remark,"... or a recording chip in your brain so you can mentally write the blog, put it on a flash drive and then transfer it to your laptop. Now that would be cool!" That would be totally awesome!!  Until then, I might need to get a cheap digital voice recorder to keep with me so when all the brilliant ideas and compositions come to mind, I won't lose the moment.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, I can go relieve my body of the toxic pizza I ingested last night.  By that I mean sweat it out with Power 90.  Yes, I derailed myself and feel completely awful as a result.  Last week I was talking to my Beachbody coach about this very subject.  Our bodies, after eating clean for a long time, will certainly let us know how it feels when we shove gnarly goods down the gullet.  It's clear that all of the unhealthy food demons haven't been vanquished from my mind yet.  Just like building more muscles and strength, it takes time and determination. Shakeology to the rescue.  I want to mention that after a month of working out with phase 1-2 of the Power 90 In-home Boot Camp, I felt it was time for a super charge.  I graduated (myself) to Phase 3-4.  Increased intensity with little room for downtime between rounds on the circuit works up serious sweat even on sculpt days.  Still not able to do a solid push up, I'm managing to kick my own ass with slight modifications.