Monday, May 10, 2010

Shaking things up

Belly bloat -- gone!
Fast food addiction -- GONE!!
Diet Coke fiendishness -- GONE! GONE!!
Irregularity --  I go!.... I mean, GONE!
Water retention -- Sayonara!
Low energy -- Hasta!

You get the idea, right? Shakeology has given me a new lease on my life.  For me, it came at a time when I was feeling really awful about the way I looked.  In the evenings, I had to force myself to make dinner for myself and my son. Then, I'd retire to the couch. Fall asleep. Wake up and, in many cases, grab a snack before going upstairs to bed.  It was pathetic.  My lunches consisted of whatever horrendous "food" was available in the food court at work.  Sodium and fat up the wazoo! I was quickly becoming the great expanding woman.

Then, a Facebook friend (he knows who he is) posted something about Shakeology.  I took action and ordered TWO bags. One of each flavor (Chocolate and Greenberry).  When they arrived in the mail, that same person suggested the Shakeology 3-day Cleanse to get me on the right track.  I did.  I haven't craved a Diet Coke or fast food meal since. Put me in Coach! I dropped 6.5 lbs in those three days.  B-E-A-U-tiful! What a way to kick start my lifestyle change, eh? You should know that the 'cleanse' in the 3-Day is not like some grody wear-a-diaper-just-in-case deal like that lemonade and chili powder thing. This detoxes your body and prepares it for a lifetime of good eating and fitness.  You're not going to feel light headed or incapable of lifting your arms to steer your car -- heavy machinery can be operated on this practical cleanse.

The people on this video are for real.  I've experienced what they are so energetically describing.  I keep sharing these testimonials because for the first time EVER I am truly and deeply inspired and motivated.  My commitment to my own health isn't isolated.  My compulsion to spread the good news can't be contained. I feel so good! I feel well!! That is what I want for each of you.

The other morning I wanted a bit of a change in my Shakeology. So, I squeezed fresh oranges into the blender, added ice and put in a scoop of the Greenberry flavor.  Remember the Orange Julius stand in the mall? Even more, do you remember the delicious beverage they served? Heck yeah! That's exactly what it reminded me of. Yummy, yummy for my tummy! Then, I posted that I am grateful for blueberries because they make plain yogurt palatable.  My Coach suggested adding Chocolate Shakeology to some plain, Greek yogurt. Seriously, it's to die for delicious 'pudding.' And ridiculously healthy and low-fat and fresh.

OK, I'm going to shut my pie-hole (by the by, there is a recipe for chocolate Shakeology pie) and let you view this video. For more information you can email me at or check out my website for more information on the 3-Day Cleanse and Shakeology.


  1. I'm so happy for you Riss!

    It feels good to feel good.


  2. I have never heard of this but I'm so glad you're feeling better! I used to buy Slimfast at Costco, but I only used it once a day, like for when I was in a hurry and didn't have time to make breakfast or lunch. I could just grab it and go.

  3. Cat, thank you! I finally found something that works wonders and gives me the energy to put in the hard work of exercising to benefit my body even more.

    @Momstheword: Welcome! Thank you for commenting. SHAKEOLOGY offers something that no other 'meal replacement' on the market offers. It's available exclusively through Beachbody online. Shakeology provides you with 17 g of protein, as well as, covers prebiotics & digestive enzymes, 23 minerals and vitamins, anti-oxidants. Doctors are using and recommending it to their patients. That link has several tabs I encourage you to explore.


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