Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Time

I have to admit that it was a little intimidating at first. I had absolutely no idea what to do with what had been put before me. Fortunately, my handsome date was more than willing to guide me in proper handling.  The most difficult part was getting it to my mouth without making a mess all over myself.  My hand eye coordination is usually spot on, but I'd had a little wine and it went straight to my head ... not to mention the mere presence of the charming man was quite intoxicating in and of itself.  Oh, and he smelled absolutely delicious. He promised what I was about to devour would send me over the moon and into a near orgasmic state, but to be wary of too much wasabi on the first bite.  It would certainly clear out my sinuses.

Sushi.  Ever since that first mouthful I have craved it.  They aren't lying when they say it is edible art.  Gorgeous, but not so much that it didn't stop me from filling my gullet.  It shocked me how filling it is.  Never in my life had I mastered the use of chopsticks.  The Equal packets you see in the photo were used for practice before our meal arrived.  Had I not learned to use them, it would have been terribly embarrassing to rely on my fingers, or worse -- a fork. EEP!! Then again, it might have led to being fed by a gorgeous man. Damn! Me and my independent nature.

Writing about this didn't stave off my cravings for sushi or my date. *sigh*
Who's up for sushi?


  1. I love sushi...LOVE IT!! Like, once or twice every week love, SO glad I live near a Central Market that does brown rice and multigrain rice sushi love it!!

    Always ask if they do brown rice, or if they do NO rice, because the white rice will sneak up on ya, it's very tasty but not healthy at all!

  2. Ha! You are too funny. I love sushi too but rarely get it. A co-worker just told me about a place that has a lunch special that is $15 for anything off the menu (which is limited, but still...)I might try that sometime.


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