Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm brilliant in bed!!

This morning I woke up early despite going to be at midnight.  My brain was working overtime with blog posts for a new project I'll soon announce. Because the iron seemed hot, I figured I'd get up and get cracking.  HA! The minute I sat down at the computer my mind went completely blank.  All I could think about was my morning coffee and pushing play on the dvd player. When I say pushing play I mean working out. It's the rule of thumb with Beachbody workouts -- It's not just an action but an attitude.

So, on with my serious brain fart this morning. It's a reoccurring phenomenon.  Rather than force myself to write pre-coffee,  I posted my dilemma on my Facebook wall.  You never know which status updates will trigger the most funny or thought provoking comments.  I knew my friend Angie Bailey wouldn't fail me. When I suggested I needed a laptop computer at my bedside, she came back with this remark,"... or a recording chip in your brain so you can mentally write the blog, put it on a flash drive and then transfer it to your laptop. Now that would be cool!" That would be totally awesome!!  Until then, I might need to get a cheap digital voice recorder to keep with me so when all the brilliant ideas and compositions come to mind, I won't lose the moment.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, I can go relieve my body of the toxic pizza I ingested last night.  By that I mean sweat it out with Power 90.  Yes, I derailed myself and feel completely awful as a result.  Last week I was talking to my Beachbody coach about this very subject.  Our bodies, after eating clean for a long time, will certainly let us know how it feels when we shove gnarly goods down the gullet.  It's clear that all of the unhealthy food demons haven't been vanquished from my mind yet.  Just like building more muscles and strength, it takes time and determination. Shakeology to the rescue.  I want to mention that after a month of working out with phase 1-2 of the Power 90 In-home Boot Camp, I felt it was time for a super charge.  I graduated (myself) to Phase 3-4.  Increased intensity with little room for downtime between rounds on the circuit works up serious sweat even on sculpt days.  Still not able to do a solid push up, I'm managing to kick my own ass with slight modifications.


  1. Wild--it's not exactly a recording chip in your brain, but have you tried Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10? It's phenomenal! I love it (and even wrote an Amazon review under coolreviwer1). It's such a time saver for emails, blogs and writing, it'll scare you. Read about it on, and there's a couple vids on youtube. :-)

  2. I'm great in bed too. Every night, for at least six hours.... I'm fast asleep. (Fnarr fnarr!)

  3. I love the idea of a digital recorder. I should think about that too. I am the queen of getting great ideas just when I don't need them. Let me know how that works out for you. Someday...the brain chip.


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