Thursday, May 6, 2010

But, but ... butt

One of the things I've experienced when talking to people who are curious about my weight loss is a laundry list of reasons, 'buts' for why they can't do it themselves.  That used to be me. Fear of change. Mortified that it would become just one more thing to add to the Marissa Failure list. And believe me, it's a long list. However, it was a conscious decision to look at those things I considered failures as trials for success.  Scientists know well that it takes several experiments before they get the results they desire. Often, those results never come. They scrap the idea and take a completely different route. Do they throw in the towel? No. They keep on plugging away until the desired results occur.

The groovy thing about getting healthy and fit is that it's not rocket science.  It's simple but we make it complicated by being human. Oh no! Beachbody⌐ helps simplify that which we humans choose not make murky. How? With its proven successful workouts and Shakeology⌐ (that link will take you to a place of education on the product). They worked diligently to take the guess work out so we don't have to spend all of our valuable time weighing and measuring. Gone are the days of paying ridiculous gym memberships few of us consistently use.  There it is in your home leaving little room for why you can't do it. Removed are the 'buts' and, in turn, your butt is decreased in size.  It's a win/win for you! And unlike the gym or other 'meal plan' diets, you're given money-back guarantees with Beachbody. Plus, you have support, support, support! Have you ever purchased a dvd from the store only for it to gather dust? Once you open it up it's yours to keep forever and ever and ever. Then, it becomes garage sale fodder.  I'm living proof that the products work.  I'm currently using Power 90, but prior to that I was using Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson.  Both programs work great! I switched to Power 90 because I required the structure of the 90 day In-home Boot Camp philosophy.  I wait with great anticipation of Chalene's latest in-home training TURBO FIRE!

You have to throw away all the buts and invest in yourself.  Feed the machine, your body, good things in moderation and exercise. Push away from youtube, Farmville and Netflix for an hour a day and devote that time to yourself. Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes. Set a goal to add 5 minutes the next day. Do standing push-ups off that sturdy oak tree in the park while you're out and about. Write on the calendar what you WILL do every day for yourself and, when you accomplish it, mark it off with vibrant X. When you do that you can see SUCCESS for the day.

Every SUCCESS STORY has a beginning. Why not make it TODAY!?

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