Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't you wish your girlfriend kicked a$$ like me? Don't you?

We all have our good days and bad days. The majority, myself included, just keep plugging along despite what our mood may be dictating.  Yesterday was my seventh day in a row to report to work. There is no doubt that I let my disapproval of this scheduling blunder be known at every opportunity.  In the retail world of optics, working five in a row is often pushing the sanity buttons a bit much. I stand for much of my shift, OK? Not to mention, just like anyone's job, there are aspects about the work place that drive me absolutely bonkers given the chance.  That's where I have to take in what is useful and dismiss the rest of the din.  It's difficult particularly when my patience is hanging on a gossamer thread.

Sunday brought a disappointing call from my lab partner of the day. She was ill and unable to come to work. Being the super hero that I am, I said I was up to the task.  I've been doing this for 14 years. Grinding lenses can be done in my sleep.  Apparently the entire county of Kankakee suddenly lost their vision because they were piling in like we were giving away free pizza and beer.  That wasn't a problem. We needed the economic thrust.  If I'm kept busy then time flies.  My lunch was packed, per usual, so running out for eats wasn't mandated.  I did end up eating on the fly rather than sitting down to take a break.  Thank you spinach/turkey/hummus whole wheat wrap! That was gobbled down. Ha! Gobbled. Anyway, I often prefer to work alone because if something goes awry I have only myself to blame. Timing is everything which I also insist on dictating.  Live and learn. With exception to someone being a complete doofus, and it happens more than I like, if I'm flying solo few things get jacked up. Do what I ask and no one gets hurt. *snort* The workday is several hours shorter on Sunday than any other day of the week. The number of units I made in 4.5 - 5 hours was double what had been done on Saturday -- an eleven hour span with twice the technicians. Get it? I was running my ever decreasing in size posterior off.

Because we were so incredibly busy (not complaining), I was whooped by the close of business.  I did mange to keep my cool for the most part throughout the day.  One dude always manages to get under my skin, but that's just a personality conflict. Our doctor praised me and that was all I needed to get my second wind.  Still, the idea of going to work for a seventh day was very displeasing.  In an attempt to get out of working Monday, thereby giving me two much deserved days off in a row -- Tuesday is my scheduled day off -- I left a pleading note for my manager to find a way to make do without me.  It didn't fall upon deaf ears, but my presence was still needed.  UGH! Oh well, I get paid and it's fewer vacation hours I'll have to use.  What is rather hilarious about the whole scenario is the reaction I got from one of my less favorite coworkers regarding my over the top kick ass performance as a solo tech on Sunday.  We were packing it in for the night and I was clocking out.  All the tidying and end of day paperwork had been completed. The girl I worked with was still futzing around (moooooo) but I was ready to leave.  I said something like, "I'm out of here. Seven in a row and I had my ass handed to me yesterday! I'm tarrrred. Fourteen pairs!" To which she replied with a disgusted tone "I know. I heard." Very curt. I laughed to myself.  No, I laughed out loud as I walked away. I even threw my head back for dramatic emphasis because of her tone. The child in me wanted to say, "I'm super tech and you suuu-uuuuck!" But that would have just been out of line. Plus, I wanted to make an escape in order to get home by 9:00 PM to catch the final season episode of CASTLE.

Mmmm Nathan Fillion.

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  1. Gol-lee, I knows where you're comin' from, girl. Been there a time or two. Great post. And I never, ever get tired of seeing that Rapier pic. Yowsah!!


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