Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thought Full Thursday

This is one of those times where the random thoughts have been firing like Al Capone's Tommy Guns at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Here are a few for your reading enjoyment:
  • My underpants are getting baggy.
  • "Stop being so passionate about your newfound passion! You're perceived as a spazmatronic dipshit. Relax" -- inner voices
  • Am I really telepathic or is he?
  • I'd rather hear Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels singing "Mockingbird" than listen to Fantasia
  • Cashew butter or peanut butter? BOTH!
  • "Arrested Development" never should have been canceled. Idiots
  • Seriously, women will pay to watch sequel of that schlock?
  • Does Danielle Steel still write books?
  • When did "Glamour" magazine become "Seventeen" -- oh shit, I'm just that old.
  • Note to self: Do NOT attempt to wear ShapeUps when working out.
  • Her hair looks like it was hit with a paint ball gun filled with peroxide pellets. Meow, calico kitty, meow!
  • Marketing really jacked up when they posted a nostril shot.
  • Wow! Michael Keaton is on "Letterman" -- huh. wonders never cease.
  • There ya go. Happy Thursday!

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