Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pics or it didn't happen

The title of this post is a phrase often used online when someone makes a claim of a certain situation taking place.  "I just saw a woman wearing a poodle on her head." That sort of thing warrants a pics or it didn't happen reply.

Since March 27th, I have been using Beachbody's Power 90 In-Home boot camp with Tony Horton.  Whenever I work out, I log on to Team Beachbody and click Super-Gym WOWY (Work Out With You). It's an ideal way to track your workouts.  The website is designed to support members (free, by the way) while they strive to achieve their goals for better health and fitness.  In fact, any program you purchase from Beachbody will remind you to log on to WOWY before the work-out starts.  Pretty fab, if I do say so myself.  Thanks to that awesometastic feature, I know that I've worked out 32 times with Tony Horton and 'the kids.'  After last night's Phase 3-4 Sweat and Ab Ripper 200 routine, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is. I snapped new photos to see if there was visible improvement on my body.  Yes, my clothes are fitting more loosely.  I have less bra roll flab, too.  But is it obvious when the clothes come off and there's nothing between me and the camera lens?

Once the photos were taken and I put the beginning photo next to the current image, I had to stare.  I thought certain my eyes were deceiving me.  I needed another opinion.  That required turning to someone I trusted to be forthright and brutally honest.  This person would have nothing to gain by lying.  They'd still need to have a stake in the matter -- the matter being my success in getting fit.  Without question I knew who'd give it to me straight and not coddle my ego.  John Hays. My Beachbody coach and mentor.

I took a deep breath after attaching the photos to an email and clicked send.  These photos motivate me to push myself even harder.  There is a long road ahead of me before I reach the physical fitness level I desire. Yet, just after 32 work outs, I see improvement.  What's even more reassuring and inspiring is that John saw the difference.  I hope he doesn't mind when I quote him. "Holy sh*t! Those are amazing! Seriously, I'm not blowing smoke, that's real visible progress! Skin is tighter, less fat, chest is higher, just tons better all over! Way to go!! Keep it up!!! :)"  I wept when I read his review of my before and current photos. Now, I must explain that despite my status of obesity, I am ridiculously vain. No doubt I inherited that from my mother.  It's painfully difficult for me to show vulnerability or allow myself to appear flawed. It's a sad mindset and one I'm attempting to overcome.  This is the first step.  At this time, I invite you to click the following links for the pictures I shared with John. Before you do, however, please take heed that these are NOT for the weak of stomach and faint of heart. The point of me sharing these painfully real images is because I need to be honest.  It's necessary for me to talk the talk and walk the walk.  There's no way around it.

Now, the much ado about something I blathered about on Facebook:  My body then (March 27, 2010) and now: Back view and Front view. Go on. Click the links. You'll leave this page but just hit the back arrow key in your browser to return here. Is it egotistical for me to say how proud I am of myself right now?

Delusions of grandeur are not on the menu.  The intense work outs and proper, healthful food consumption is worth every moment. It's not viewed as a sacrifice to turn down deep fried appetizers or dedicate 45 minutes per day to my well-being.  My mental and physical health are improving.  My son's health is improving due to the changes in our eating.  Our futures may not be certain, but the one thing I know is that we must do whatever is possible to make the most of every breath we take.

Through viewing the countless videos about the journeys toward healthy living others have made, I find inspiration.  It is my most sincere hope that even one of my readers will be equally motivated by my journey.

My quest is "Getting health and fitness back into living -- and it all begins today!"


  1. You SHOULD be proud of yourself! You look fantastic! I am impressed with your dedication -- you inspire me :) I know for me, once I start feeling better and seeing results, it's easier to keep going. Girl, you are ON FIRE!!

  2. Thank you, Angie.
    I never thought in my life I'd feel like I cheated myself if I didn't work out. Even though the program (Power 90 and P90X) is set up to give me one day off a week, I still feel compelled to do some kind of cardio even if it's just a 20 minute brisk walk. I NEED it.
    Before Beachbody the only lifting I did was fork to mouth.

  3. Wow! Girlie got a waistline! You go, PowerGirl!

  4. haha! My boobs gave the illusion that I maintained a waistline, but it was deceptive. Or was it my wide hips? either way it wasn't really defined.
    I'm surely getting there.
    Thank you, Jeff, for commenting.


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