Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it!

For what it's worth, that Pointer Sisters song was playing on the radio the first time I ever made out. I was 19.  Yep. Late bloomer.  With whom did I lip lock? A nice christian boy attending Olivet Nazarene College (now University).  I later found out he had a girlfriend back home.  Dirtbag! Shame on him for scamming on the local girls. I hope she broke his heart.

Anyway, I'm excited because once again the Eastridge High School Class of 1983 is gathering together for fun, frolic, food and general merriment.  We'll use any excuse to have a party and the homecoming of our friend Dale is is the perfect reason. In April, a small group of us gathered at a local watering hole to share laughs and drinks with our very own all American hero.  My one and only high school date, in fact. Yeah, that guy. The famous PROM DATE. It'd been a long time since Mr. K had graced us with his presence.  A celebration long over due.  Now that was a hellacool reunion. Dale is headed back to the mother land and we couldn't be happier. Do we need a karaoke machine, kids?

It dawned on us at our 25th reunion how it was a shame we waited for official reunions to get together.  Ever since then, we've done what we can when we can to whoop it up middle aged style.

I want my friends to not be worried about my newly adopted healthy lifestyle to crimp their style. I won't be bringing something healthy made with tofu nor will I lecture about the evils of empty calories in alcohol.  This is a time to eat, drink and be merry!! Just bring on the Advil, water and turn off the ringer Saturday morning following the shindiggery.

It's your thang! Do what'cha wanna do!!  I know I sure as hell will :)


  1. Just wanted to let you know how cool I think you are. You were cool back at EHS and even cooler now. I didn't know any better and figured you were dating all kinds of guys during that time - at least in my mind that had to be a certainty. Cute, smart, funny, and charmingly nerdy, but not in a Poindexter way... The whole package. Have to admit I had a bit of secret crush (sshhh!) and got nervous around you. :)

  2. Oh wow! How absolutely adorable! Thank you. I never knew or even thought anyone had a crush on me. Even back then I wasn't aware how much PK liked me -- he finally told me how long his crush on me had been. I cried! It is so sweet. Painfully shy kids sure seem to suffer in the romance department.

  3. I'M SO EXCITED !! SUMMER IS UNOFFICIALLY HERE!! ... but closeenough for me!


    Love the new blog changes!

  4. I didn't even know you in high school, and I think you're cooler than ice on a frozen pond, just from your words, writing, your "voice" in text, and your pretty photos.

    You can cry again now, but better to see that sparkling smile.


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