Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hear ye! Hear ye!

This might become a regular Sunday event on this here little Wildhair thing I present. I'm fairly inconsistent, but I might be able to pull off one thing that's an expectation.
For whatever reason, when I was a regular attendee of church services, I enjoyed reading the announcements and happenings within the community. Deep down I think I was hoping for some hilarious typo or poorly worded phrase to send into Jay Leno.
So, without further ado, I give you a synopsis of my week and upcoming events:

Monday wasn't too eventful. However, I was discussing, with co-workers, an unfortunate situation for Mancub at school. A near crisis had arisen the week prior. It's a difficult place for him to be. He is a minority in his school. He's also soft-hearted and bigger than the rest of the kids. They seem to enjoy toying with him. He tries hard to keep cool, but it's not easy when other animals join in the frenzy. Last week he called me from school. Apparently, some nimrod called him a 'fat ass' and others joined in the barrage of insults. He immediately went to the office terribly upset. His counselor was available and allowed him to call me. He is slightly overweight. He's 6'1" and 225 lbs. Regardless of that, he shouldn't have to endure daily harassment. I'm upset by it all and admit that neither of us are exactly active people. I've battled the bulge every day of my adult life. With that, and to make a short story long, I expressed my longing for a treadmill or some indoor exercise equipment. My co-worker, Donna, perked up and announced that she had a treadmill sitting in her shed unused. It was given to her and now she would like to give it to me. It's a Nordic-Track, but not motorized. I told her, "My butt isn't motorized, either. I think I can handle it." So, we are getting a FREE treadmill. YEA!!

On Tuesday, November 18, I took my sister Maureen to Oakbrook for a C-scan. This was to determine the size of the tumor for which she has been receiving chemo. Thus far, she has endured four rounds (back to back-2day treatments.) It took longer to drive to the location than it took for the technician to do their thing. Lunch at Burger King followed. She was jonesin' for a fish sammy. I had the Whopper sans cheese. I should have forgone the onions *burp*

Later that day, Mancub and I ventured into the big city aka CHICAGO to finally see Wicked. I'm certain we are the last to see it in our circle of family and friends. I hadn't been given great detail about what took place on the stage other than, "you just have to see it and experience it." That was good enough for me. It's due to Maureen's generosity and graciousness that we were able to possess tickets in the 11th row, orchestra section. I could see Fiyero's thigh muscles, Elphaba's facial expressions beneath the green make-up, and the intricate quirkiness of Galinda's fair face. We experienced together, the Mancub and I .... with laughter, tears, awe. I've had difficulty writing about the manner in which this show affected me. I well up with tears. That's all I can say about that for now.
Two days of little to no excitement. Sorry. But wait! Friday gets better.
I texted Maureen on my way to work. I knew she was going to Loyola for the results of the C-scan. Although she feels the tumor is shrinking, it's the oncologist's final call. "Good vibes for today. xoxo" with that she returned "thnx." I knew she was nervous. I was nervous. She's endured nausea and so many days of just feeling like shit. There is no other way of expressing it. So, pardon my lack of eloquence.
I was working. My day was normal. Slow and I was about to leave for the day when I spied my sister and Kris waving at the lab window. I met them on the retail floor. Their faces weren't glum when I asked about the appointment. It's shrinking. That bastardy son of a bitch muther fucking tumor is decreasing in size!! It's not huge shrinkage, but it's significant enough that they know the chemotherapy is doing its job. PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!
With the news relayed, I threw my arms around my sister and hugged her as I wept. I couldn't speak any other word than, "yea!"
The three of us stood beaming as business went on as usual.
It's been a good week. Go forth. Be green. Praise God. DEFY GRAVITY!
Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel


  1. YAY!!!!!! So very happy to hear the tumor is shrinking!!! Praise God indeed!

    Love your 'recap of the week' format, and I'm sorry your son has to endure the cruelties of the ignorant. So glad he has a great relationship with you to carry him through!

    And dang, a free NordicTrak treadmill - NICE!

  2. Ugh. I certainly don't miss being in high school, especially my first two years there. Hell, not just high school Let's throw in most of elementary school and all of middle school in there as well. I think they use child soldiers in Africa not because they're easy to train, but because they're so cruel that they make Robert Mugabe seem like less of a bad guy.

    I see I'm going to have to start updating my craptastic LJ account more often now, what with the link to it in the blogroll.

  3. Kids can be so cruel! I hated that about middle school and high school. Hugs to Man-cub.

    Yay!!!!!!!! Great news for your sister! Fingers crossed it keeps getting smaller.


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