Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well, duh!

I might eventually get off this horriblescope roller coaster. I can't help that it's often so off course one day, and then the guessing can be vaguely hop back on the track. Then, there are days where the prediction is so far behind the curve that it appears out in front.

This is the word of the day.
"The past is coming back, not to haunt you -- but to thrill you! Whether it's an old flame returning to town to see what you're up to, an old photo you find that stirs up some hilarious memories, or even just a song on the oldies station that reminds you of summer camp, your past is suddenly very present. This is a wonderful day to travel down memory lane and let yourself remember the person you used to be -- and of course, marvel at the person you have become."
For anyone who reads this blog with any regularity, you know my past is a huge part of my present. I love my friends! Here we are at the Meadowview Theater in Kankakee awaiting the start of the reinvented (don't reinvent the wheel anymore, Hollywood) of FAME!
I'm friends with the same group who carried me through high school. In fact, many of the friends in my life now were kids from my neighborhood or grade school. We may not have been great companions that entire time, but we've had a place in one another's lives in some capacity.The bit about "marvel at the person you have become" is a real trick for me. Blame my parents for insisting on being humble to a level of fault. To be proud equals arrogance. I really don't know if I learned that self deprecating behavior from my parents, but aren't they supposed to be blamed? Though some close to me try point out my good qualities, I don't take it to heart. But I have a friend who has appointed himself the daunting task of helping me get to the point of looking in the mirror to see what he sees and what he's certain other people see.

I guess you'll all have to wait ... and, well, see.

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  1. Gosh, why not make a keeper out of that guy? He sounds pretty great!

    I know, I know... always trying to set up the Riss. It's a bad habit!

    You CAN have what you want.


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