Sunday, September 20, 2009


OK, I admit that I need to resist scrolling down my yahoo homepage to read my horoscope. I don't even recall adding it when I set the page up years ago. Maybe it is a default feature. I've had fun with it as it has been fodder for my writing. The horrible scopes give me something playful to share rather than the more intimate details. It's not that I have nothing going on that isn't worthy of being shared, but I've elected to let some facets of my life remain private. I fear jinxing myself by talking too much. Maybe I am a bit more stupidsticious, after all. Therefore, reading horoscopes isn't necessarily out of the realm of my brain function.

With that being said, I'm sharing another astrological prognostication.

In the last two days my horoscope told me to go out and be my charming self, but not to abuse the power that is my innate being. WOO! They went so far as telling me to teach the youth on how to properly utilize charm. Today puts a screeching halt on that. Talk about running hot and cold. Good giggly goo!
"Definitely think before you speak. That ordinarily charming way you have with words will be even more lethal now, so you should definitely be careful where you fling those casual comments. The stuff you're putting out is easier to turn on than to shut off. Don't play games with someone's heart."

I'm quite certain nothing I have said today has been lethal nor were any of my comments casually flung. If anything I was probably too guarded and am smacking myself on the head for not saying more. I know I don't play games with the hearts of others. I speaketh from the heart. The only time I can be accused of shmoozing is in the workplace -- even there I often shoot from the hip and let the cow chips fall where they may. But today I'm not working. I'm relaxing.

I willfully relax today because my achy breaky back woke me after a sleepless night due to said back spasms. I'm one who needs white noise to sleep soundly. The last few weeks have provided perfect night time temperatures. Ideal for sleeping under the cozy comforter without breaking into drippy night sweats. Because of the cool nights, I've had the fan in the window. I think I pushed it last night. I awoke to tightening in my back which I believe was due to shivering. What did I do? Get up and take the fan out of the window? Uh, no. I just threw on the blanket that I'd tossed over the headboard. I eventually warmed up, but such an effort was a few hours shy of preventing the lower back pain.

Rather than continue fighting it with constant tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable, I got up. Coffee brewed but not before I drank a glass of water with a dose of ibuprofen. Once I was moving and stretching the spasms ceased and I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee while checking the news online which included reading my horoscope.

Then, it hit me.

For whatever nonsensical reason, I took down the cafe curtains in the kitchen and hand washed them but not before spraying the shower and tub with mildew remover -- with all the windows open as I learned my lesson the last time I used that toxic stuff. Scrubbing and hosing down the funk that once inhabited my shower walls, I completed enough housework. I sat down on the couch to watch a Lifetime movie starring Sally Field -- sad movie that hit too close to home. It was then that my tear ducts were saved by the bell. The ringing of the phone.

And I'll just stop there. *grin* I think I'll take the couch up on its offer to nap with me.

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  1. 'Two Weeks' right? Ben Chaplin, someone you don't see that often. I liked him best in "The Truth About Cats And Dogs" but also pretty good in "Murder By Numbers". And Sally Field? Let me tell ya, for a woman as old as my mother she is lookin' pretty dang hot. Have I said too much?


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