Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm still standing


Work wasn't a busy place, but I still had plenty to keep me relatively busy. I'd like to say my ten hour workday flew by, but it didn't. A slow and steady crawl into clock watcher central. Egads! I'm ready to pull the blankets up to my ears and snooze away the remainder of Glee-day. I'm hoping Thursday will bring me surprises and wonderful news. See, I'm keeping it positive :D

My horoscope was a bit weird, by the way. If you think back to a couple days ago, this one makes no sense. The last one I posted assumed I had a lover/significant other. Then, came this:

"Fanciful ideas and romantic wishes have been blooming inside your head. They're all so pretty, and it's a waste that no one sees them but you. The time is right to share them with a person who loves you the most: They really want to know more about what makes you tick, and they can tell you've been working on something in your mind. Give them a glimpse of what you're thinking, because their reaction will delight you -- and bring you closer together."

OK, maybe the other day's 'scope wasn't completely a case of putting the cart before the horse, but ... oy to the vey. Henrietta Horoscope needs to stop toying with me.

Thinking is making my head ache a bit. Time to turn off the brain. Nighty night, sweets.


  1. Any horoscope with the word 'fanciful' in it is a keeper.

  2. Yeah, this one didn't bug me nearly as much as that other one. Today's was about budgeting money or some crazy bat-shit nonsense like that. lol


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