Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sputtering into chaos

It's early on Tuesday morning. I usually do a lot of writing at this time, but not on my blog. Typically I am writing a response email to a friend who lives in another time zone. In fact, he's on another continent.

Our emails are like conversations with delayed reactions. The words just flow and we blather in a singular format. It works much of the time. I tend to send more emails because my day is just starting when his workday is ending. I babble about my day. Let's face it, I just babble incessantly and he has yet to complain. His emails are usually long with details about the day, a recalled memory, questions or a funny anecdote. Whatever pops into our head lands on the screen to be sent.

This has become part of my morning routine. Do you follow?

So why am I writing here rather than there?

Work. His work. Hello!? Some people and their priorities. JEESH! Creature of habit here!! He's on the road. Short note sent to inform me that he was pressed for time but printed my emails for later reading and enjoyment. But, but, but ... what about my routine. What about yesterday's news? *gasp*

Me? Thrown off kilter. I feel like the world is leaning a little to the left and I might slide off. I might regroup or my day might be shot to hell. The results will be in later today. I'll try to forge through and make the most of the day.

Dreams came fervently last night and they were doozies. Those bizarre nocturnal episodes were enough to rattle the start of my day, but now this quake in my morning routine. I feel sorry for the people I encounter. It could get snippy and ugly. Can you imagine how wackadoodle my day would be if, on top of everything else, I ran out of coffee?? Oh it would be ANARCHY!!!

Today better be a good hair day or things might never turn around.

I'm going to remain hopeful. Whew...

Just a sweet song to send you on your way -- ya know, balance for my tongue in cheek rant. Have a sweet day.


  1. Here is to Hair Nirvana for you and me! Have a good one.

  2. I hate it when my morning routine is altered. I hope your day settles into predictable - and perfect hair! ;)


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