Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Obviously from my previous post, I've had some weighty stuff on my mind. In general, I take things too much to heart. I'm not dwelling, but it makes writing in a lighthearted, humorous manner difficult.

I went in search of funny quizzes or questionnaires. Nothing jumped out at me. Often, I read friends blogs with hopes of being inspired. Reader's Digest couldn't give me any pointers, either.

Sometimes music proves to be of most comfort or a guide towards levity. Sigh. All that popped into my head was sappy songs. I just don't want to leave my blog sitting on the lamentation of my character. It's too heavy!

There's always the cop out of posting a video that I find humorous, but then I started getting a headache from scanning through the bowels of stupidity.

The most notable thing I can discuss about my day is that I burned the top of my thumb when checking the bottom crust of a pizza on the Pizzazz Pizza Oven -- which isn't an oven at all, by the way. Call me a dipstick for not thinking a metal pan would be surface of the sun hot after 12 minutes of rotating over a heating coil. Duh. Our pizza sort of looked like the one in the photo. At least this time I didn't rub my eyes after eating a slice with hot sauce on it. Yeah, I did that.

Mancub is sitting at the dining table working on his homework. Neither cat will leave him alone. It seems whenever he spreads out his work, one of them hops up on the table (dreadful beasts) and lays on top of his work. All freakin' day long they'll ignore a person. Then, when you least desire their presence, they insist on requiring your undivided attention. Jeez, sounds like my ex-husband. ::rimshot::

I can hear the television in the other room. There was just an advertisement for the Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper flick, "All About Steve." That's a name I have decided to steer clear of regarding dating. I've had horrendous luck with men named Steve. While I'm at it, the following names can be excluded from the potential mate grab bag: David/Dave, Duane, John (nothing but a monosyllabic pile of trouble), Julio, Chad, Al, Rick (exception to Mr. Springfield), Christian, and Bruce. No offense to those of you who might be all right guys who were unfortunately named. Prove me wrong and I might lift this ban based solely on moniker. On second thought, let's just play it safe.

I'll end this post of blah. I hear 2 Midol calling me. They sit right next to the milk chocolate candy bar that seems to be yelling louder. feh.


  1. Whew, I'm glad my first name is Flaithbheartach! Ever had trouble with a guy with that name?

    Not really, just trying to make you smile :)


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