Saturday, September 5, 2009

Please 'splain to me

Claiming to be a fashionista is not something you'll hear muttered from my pie hole. I wear what I can afford and what fits. Sometimes that's not necessarily a prerequisite. I know I'd benefit from a weekend with Trinny and Susannah (Making Over America -- TLC). Goddesses of fashion and self-love/body image affirmation.
With that being said, I often question what other people put on their bodies. Today was one of those occasions. Working in a mall affords me location and time to observe, unknowingly, passers by. Upon first glance I thought this woman in her mid twenties was sporting a fashion I thought ridiculous in the '80s -- unless you were a dancer or Jennifer Beals. What I thought I saw was leg warmers worn over thong sandals. Au contraire, mon ami! They were one piece boots. Sandal boots. I ask you, what the hell is the point? I wear sandals to avoid the whole sock issue! Summer = airy footwear.

I'm thinking that without use of stockings there'd be some unruly ankle sweat and chafing. Am I too practical to find the fashion value in this footwear trend aka debacle? Talk about cobblery schizophrenia! Does a tin of Gold Bond Foot Powder accompany each purchase? Should these rank on the chart of fugly with Uggs worn in summer (or anytime)?


  1. Definitely fugly.
    Actually more like plain old God Awful.

  2. These are not okay, they are beyond fugly! In fact those hideous excuses for shoes may give Crocs a run for their money!

  3. I am so glad you ladies agree. Ya know, I almost mentioned the Crocs, MA. Then, the vision of Pamela Anderson wearing furry Uggs with little else popped into my head.

  4. Uggs have an excuse. They keep you warm when it's freezing outside. But these? What excuse do they have for being so ugly? Can't wear them in winter, and you might get fungus around your ankles and heels in the summer. Who come up with these things?

  5. Uggs have an excuse in a wintery zone, but never ever with a bikini or anything non-winter wear related.


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