Saturday, September 5, 2009

Picture This

I have received numerous additions to my photo play list. It's going to be phenomenal. I knew y'all wouldn't fail me. Some songs I have heard, but there are several that didn't ring a bell. When early in my life my dad advised me to surround myself with people who are fountains of information and more talented than I am, he was right!

I've been listening to the unheard songs as they stream in either here or on Facebook. Some are catchy while others are heartbreaking. Those fit, too. Our lifetimes are filled with joy, as well as, sadness or memories of happier times.

Last night friend and fellow blogger Angie Bailey recommended a song (These Photographs) by Joshua Radin. I was immediately hooked on his music. To be honest, whenever I saw that guy's name, I thought he was a former American Idol contestant booted early in one of the 8 seasons. Oops. There's no denying he's the prince of shmoopy and judging by the comments on his videos on youtube, he's the king of Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs. I am not ashamed to admit that I'm a chronic romantic -- even though I'm terminally single.

To offset the dreamy eyed romanticism of Mr. Radin comes the wicked guitar work on King Crimson's Frame by Frame recommended by the incredibly talented Douglas Arthur. Sprezzatura and Rupe contributed long lists that deserve mention. Their brains must work in unison as they posted around the same time with some duplicate suggestions. Scary. My groovy pally Jeff Hickmott over at World of Jeff surely didn't disappoint with his collection. He's been my guru of obscure and wildly fantastic music for many years.

The song that was most catchy to me this morning is one from Sprezzatura's list. My blog post title carries the name. With the deliciously talented and bewitching Deborah Harry at the helm, I give you Blondie!!

I dedicate this to Lydia because she deserves mucho positive mojo aimed in her direction. Love ya.


  1. Ruprecht <---- occasionally not chopped liver

  2. P.S. Why is there no "Beer Me" radio button under "Reactions" ... ???

  3. Rupe, because "the man" is in charge of buttons.

  4. I was always amazed at how she could sing and perform while being so high on drugs. Cool!

  5. Riss, you are so very thoughtful and kind. And to choose my Debbie... wow. One of my favourite lines from any of their songs: "I will give you my finest hour, the one I spent washing you shower". She's made jokes about that video, saying that they taped a flashlight to her back because the glow was so overwhelming. As for your friend's comment, the band wasn't into heavy drug use until The Hunter album, years later.
    I wish good mojo back attcha. I adore you. xo


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