Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Weds... errr, GLEE-day!

Happy GLEEday, y'all! I know there are some of you who laugh at my love of the new show GLEE. I realize some of you (obvious victims of blunt force head trauma) who don't like the program. It's OK. I forgive and still love you.

This week marks the opening of the movie remake of FAME! I'll be going to see it on Friday with friends who appreciate the first movie, as well as, the television series based on the school of the arts. I'm excited! Jazz hands will be flying! It'll surely be an interesting mix of theater goers: Youth vs. more mature people who experienced FAME the first time around. Naturally, we're superior.

Speaking of being aged and mature ...

My back has been killing me. I have no idea what I did to get this way. I know when I had back X-rays many moons ago prior to a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor asked if I'd been in any serious car accidents. At that time, I had not. Then, he inquired about my athleticism. Early on in life I was more likely to be seen standing on my hands or turning cartwheels than I was to be walking on my feet. Additionally, I took many major tumbles while ice skating -- my endeavor to be the next Peggy Fleming and later, Dorothy Hamill. Who knew what I did at age 10 would have such a painful effect on me at age 44.

I've found relief by putting pillows under my calves and sleeping on my back. Eventually I do roll over to my side, but waking has been far less achy. Plus, I take an Aleve before bed. I had been doing that, but with the pillow trick, I seem to have found a recipe for sleeping more soundly. Go me! A new mattress needs to be in my near future. Money, money, money. Tax refund should get me on top of new Sealy.

Here's my horrible scope for today. I knew you'd be writhing with anticipation over what is written for me in the stars:
"Today is all about taking time to establish things -- you can't be in a hurry if you want to get anywhere. So go slowly and take your time to explore what other people are looking for in life. Ask questions about your friend's goals and you just might be able to help them out. And that sense of satisfaction is just what you need right now. You have a lot to share, a lot to teach -- and an awful lot to learn from others. This is a day for letting new ideas sink in."
In an effort to fall in line with this suggestion to not be in a hurry, I am writing this blog item rather than showering and getting ready for work. My hair still looks fine from yesterday. I'm sporting curls and they are agreeable even when I've slept on them. Do I rock the hair or what? I have to admit that I miss my really long hair. One of my Facebook friends has a photo of me at work and my hair is passed the middle of my back. Good giggly! The problem with having long hair and coloring is that I require two or three coloring kits. It is tons easier to maintain with shorter hair.

For those of you who work with me, I am going to take a shower. Fear not the smelly co-worker.

I have to ask, did this blog post fulfill anything my horriblescope suggested? Did you learn anything? What is on tap for y'all today? Do you want to know anything about me? Should I post another survey so I can learn about you? I'm supposed to ask questions. What is it you want from life? That's a heady question and I'll let you ponder it. Get back to me.

Now, go forth and be GLEEful and *jazz hands* in lieu of waving. I'm sure you'll get lots of looks!

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