Monday, September 7, 2009

Lyrical Labor Day

Not everyone gets to have Labor Day off. I know that. I usually work it, but this year I asked to have it off. I like spending time with the Mancub. Actually, today feels like Sunday and yesterday felt like Saturday. Two days in a row off is like a mini-vacation in my line of work. Woo to the hoo!!

I went to youtube in search of a song all about working -- slaving away for the man. As tribute to the working women, particularly the single working mom (your's truly) I found another Donna Summer song I liked better. Does it have anything to do with working? Not so much. But it sang to me and now I want the melody to serenade you.

According to Wikipedia, this song is a cover. In 1981 it was originally performed by Jon and Vangelis (you remember him as the Chariots of Fire guy). Jon would be the lead vocalist for the band YES. Their take on the song is flirts with a Reggae sound. Now that the history is cleared up, here is State of Independence as performed by Ms. Disco Queen herself, Donna Summer.

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