Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm too sexy -- who knew!?

Maybe it's due to the apple crisp in the over or the fact that I am off work for an entire weekend, but today's horoscope didn't make me want to throw dishes or ... whine. Admittedly, the apple crisp really has no effect on anything other than making me salivate. I just wanted to brag that I'll be gorging on the autumnal treat when I finish this blog post.

All right. The horoscope is as follows:
If any sign is aware of the effect their charm has on others, it's yours. No matter how hard you try to pretend you don't know what you're doing, you really are aware of how devastatingly enchanting you've been to the lucky person you've been lavishing attention. If you're interested, then they probably already belong to you. If you're not, be merciful. Tell them you were just playing, thank them for a lovely time and get yourself home.
Me? Charm!? Get the flock out! Oh wait, I'm not supposed to pretend I don't know what I'm doing. But isn't that part of my charm? Playing coy? Maybe I need to turn it back a notch or four. I mean, being devastatingly enchanting sounds like it might be fatal. Nahhhh. I'll serve it up with a kind heart and tender touch and a side order of titillation.

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  1. The side order of tittielation gets em every time.

    This horoscope is too true...If you're interested, then they probably already belong to you. (in some required manner)

    it's like this:

    SHE is sublimation
    SHE is the essence of HE
    SHE is concentrating on HE
    Who is chosen by SHE


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