Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boredom babble

So, what does a girl like me do when she's bored and the television is being occupied by a 15 year old trying to battle bad guys on this PS2? She searches the Internet in hopes of finding inspiration, laughter, free stuff or whatever. It's the whatever that can bring woeful fright. Fortunately for me, tonight isn't one of those nights. I am bored, however. Therefore, I shall babble.

Earlier today I was at work. Business was slow and I was given the heave hoe around 1pm. My shift was cut short. Booyah! No. Not really. Lacking in hours on the paycheck is not what I need at this time. I received word from a coworker that things really picked up after my early departure. See what happens when Riss leaves the building? All hell breaks loose. That'll teach 'em. My mojo may not work on a personal hot-cha-cha level, but it can wreak havoc in matters of business. Feh. I laugh.

I spent all of Friday sleeping. OK, I did some upchucking, too. I blame inner ear imbalance due to serious sinusitis. Moving my head caused nausea. I was slightly feverish, I suspect. The cold tile of the shower stall felt good on my head if that's any indication. I kept a towel over my eyes and moved as little as possible. I had to call off from work. I hate doing that. Leaving my coworkers in the lurch isn't something I relish. While in my pain riddled state, the phone rang 1.5 hours after I called to say I was violently ill and unable to come in. It was work. A co worker deemed it absolutely necessary to call me to discuss a matter of business. Something that really could have waited. A matter that very easily could have been handled had she sought out assistance from someone else. Say, someone who was already at work and not at home curled up on the couch begging for mercy and relief. Had I had the strength and ability, I would have reached through the phone line and smacked the stupid right out of my her. I maintained civility only because becoming angry would have made my psycho vein throb on the left side of my forehead thereby causing me even greater discomfort.

I'm much better today. Since I had the afternoon free, I called Mancub and told him to be ready when I arrived home. I was taking him shopping for much needed skips (athletic footwear). He wears a size 14. Yeah. Huge dawgs on the boy. We went to four different stores before finding his size in stock. We'd resolved ourselves to having to shop online for his shoes. I don't like the idea of paying extra for shipping just because my son has above average sized feet. At least his quest for shoes isn't as dire as my quest for the perfectly fitting bra. Thank God for small favors -- for not so small appendages. Footwear can usually be found much more cheaply than brassieres, too. I hadn't even considered the fourth store we stopped in. I was merely going to hit Target to find clearanced school supplies for later use. Within the shopping center that houses Target is also MC Sports. On the off chance they might have size 14 in stock or at least offer to order a pair, we ventured in. The sales clerk said he thought there were two styles in size 14 and he'd look. While he took off to the stock room, Mancub and I looked at the clearance rack. Low and behold there were 5 pairs of size 14 shoes. A couple were goofy looking styles that I assumed were for track and field. His current worn out pair are Asics Gels that a friend gave to us. There was a similar; yet more spiffy pair on sale. Even on clearance they were beyond what I wanted to pay. Another pair made by Nike were not as flashy, but certainly not hideous. Along with what the clerk found in back and the 2 pairs we found in clearance, he had 4 pairs to try on. One was immediately put to the side as a no because it was all leather. Mancub prefers more mesh/cloth than leather. His feet get too hot. Anyway, with the pricey Asics and the reasonable Nikes to choose from, Mancub chose wisely. He considered my pocketbook when he opted for the Nikes. They are fine for just wearing to school and for P.E. If he gets involved in basketball or another sport I'll find the funds to get him special footwear. He's a good kid. Plus, I think he's getting sick of Ramen.

All that running around really wore me down. We did stop in the Target so he could get the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards he'd been anxiously awaiting to buy. He had money of his own in which to buy the cards. Plus, we needed a few household things that happened to be on sale.

So, that's my day. Rock and roll.

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