Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! Are you cold or are your asperands bolded?

Born from a cheeky comment I made on Sean Daly's Pop Life is something close to my heart: Breasts. Or, more textually correct, ( @ Y @ ) or ( @ )( @ ). One looks like natural cleavage and the other resembles the baseballish augmented boobalas. Regardless of your desires, I hope I can bring it! Parenthetical Knockers is alive and well on ZAZZLE!
It is my hope that, with your help, we'll take this concept from a training bra to a full-fledged, knock-out, Dolly Parton extremes! I'm putting my breast foot forward to make items that remind our beloved ladies to "check 'em" monthly.
As inspiration and suggestions come to me, I will add to the small, yet perky, collection of designs. Being new to the product market, I'm learning this as I go. So, I hope you're a patient patron.
Many thanks in advance!


  1. This is ALL SO COOL! I can see legions of Breast Cancer Awareness walkers wearing these, but you'll have to put the ~Pink Ribbon~ logo on there somewhere for them. They gotta love it! Keep the PK Products comin.

  2. That is awesome! I love the new PK products!

  3. Love the products you should trademark it - you can give it away as you desire but stops someone else making millions of your idea


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