Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mouse Removal 101


  1. You are such a good sister! It reminds me of my Mom when I would see a snake while we were working in the yard when I still lived at home. I'd start cussing and wailing, and she'd just grab it, tuck it under her shirt so I couldn't see it anymore and release it somewhere else. You people with your animal calming skills are amazing!

  2. Marissa, what I amout to tell you has absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do with your mouse vid.
    In previous posts, if I remember correctly, you were all about MAMA MIA! Wanting to spend some extra moola wearing a hole in my pocket, I jumped into my hoopde and made a mad dash to my favorite thrift store, a.k.a., Target and wouldntchaknowit they had it on blue ray...yep...I spent an extra fifteen dollahs so I could see all the yummy that IS Pierce Brosnan...BOOOOYAAAAAAHHH!!
    The movie was filled with so much the dancing... that we used to participate in on the week-ends at the fairgrounds or wherever we could find somewhere to get our groove on! The entire movie brought back so many memories from days gone by!
    For the first time in a long time I DID NOT fall asleep while indulging in one of my favorite pasttimes...Thank you,

  3. Hickory ~ Dickory ~ Dude
    A mouse got trapped in dog food
    Along came Marissy
    Who wasn't too prissy
    To dump it
    Before it mildewed.

    My BF's watching football all day, I'm bored. At least you got something goin on over here. Pop Life & SIT80s are stalled out for the time being.

    I think I'll build a snowman.

  4. Oh, when I was in high school, our cat used to go outside and bring in mouse in her mouth to play with it! When that happened, my mom and my sisters would give me a plastic bag and disposable wooden chopsticks and they would wait outside until I get the mouse in the plastic bag and come outside. Then I had to wait until they'd go back inside, then I could release the mouse.

  5. I love this story. You are so heroic - truly. These vids are fun too! :)

  6. I love your video blogs! You crack me up and this mouse story is HILARIOUS!



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