Monday, January 12, 2009

Wait. Stop. Go. Stall.

Yep. The title says it all. That's what my brain is doing. I want to write, but there are many thoughts and considerations floating around in that cavernous zone. I've piddled around most of the morning knowing very well I have to go to work. My presence is requested by 10:30 a.m. It's nearly 9:00 am when I start this blathering. You do the math. Time is limited.
I spent a good amount of time looking at photos of Facebook friends last night. A picture can, indeed, speak volumes. Yes, a picture paints a thousand words. Thank you to those people who seem to be able to capture life's precious moments with the single click of a shutter & flash.
I also listened to songs of bands posted on a link shared with me on Facebook (thanks again to Chase.) New artists and old. I hadn't heard of Yma Sumac until my brother, Rick, pointed out that an earworm I had the other night, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," was inspired by one of her songs "Wimoweh." I realized that in my self-proclaimed vast knowledge of all things pop culture and music; I am a novice.
I went to my source of all things musical to find this Peruvian 4-octave singing songstress: IMEEM. Immediately, I was smitten. I created a playlist in her honour. I don't have a clue what she's saying, but that's proof how music translates no matter what language it's sung. Her amazing vocal range is something I can listen to frequently. Mariah Carey, who boasts a similar range, is left in the dust and can bite my butt. If you've ever watched the movie "The Fifth Element" you will recall a blue diva. Yma Sumac sings in a very similar manner. Dig it. Or don't. I do.


  1. Excellent post & tribute since she recently passed away 11/1/08. Martin Denny was played alot in our house growing up. Thanks for making me remember.

  2. And music IS the Universal Language.

  3. I had not heard this previously, but I loved it. Thanks for the playlist :)


  4. I was all over that playlist this morning that you sent me. It was not what I expected. It was better! Thanks for sharing and yes music can speak volumes. I find that sometimes I speak better through musical lyrics than my own words.

  5. Butt/Thigh~Toning Move of the Day:

    Skater Squats:

    1st) Picture Apolo Anton Ohno

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, cross one leg behind you diagonally & squat. Alternate legs. Swing arms behind your back same as legs. Do this non-stop thru `WIMOWEH` 2-3 times... I dare ya. Feel it burn so good.

  6. I'm glad y'all like Yma's sound. It's definitely unique. I listened to her all morning while getting ready for work.

    CAT, I am up for the challenge. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and picturing Apolo Anton Ohno is not difficult. He's a delicious little cutey!

  7. CAT!!!!!!!!!! Holy tuchus training, Batman! I'm so gonna feel that in the morning. OY! That gives new meaning to 'switching to glide.'

  8. Oh. My. Gordness.

    Rupe's so, so, so glad to hear your dis the windbag that is the fakey-smiled Mimi.

    Can't stand her.

    Yeah, she can ...... breathe well ..... 'n stuff. But that smile. It's exactly the same in every photo!

    And completely fake to boot!

    Rupe has to leave now. He's gettin' agitated .....


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