Thursday, January 29, 2009

One thing leads to another

It catches like wildfire. Well, the thoughts and ideas do. Whether or not the concept or desire to purchase catches on is up to you and whomever else checks out my Wildhair Designs on Zazzle.
I've made the parenthetical knockers available on hats, too. So, if you're not daring or crass enough to sport them around on your pectoral region, you can still don boobs on your forehead!

This girly design is an answer to the male friendly t-shirt I've seen with the saying, "Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes." Who knew the "@" symbol was called an asperand? If you didn't, now you do. The pink shirt is obviously breast cancer awareness friendly. "Have you checked your asperands this month?"

Also available for purchase is the Parenthetical Knockers t-shirt with and without the phrase on the back of the shirt.

This is all new to me, but I'm pretty sure if you don't like the mens tshirt option, you can select the girly tee, tank tops, athletic fit for guys, etc... The prices vary as well as colors. I'll be constantly updating and willing to take suggestions for future designs or phrases to accompany the parenthetical knockers.


  1. I'm an old secretarial class flunkie. But I think the actual word is AMPERSAND. The shirt is a hoot...good for those Breast Cancer Buddies...better copyright this one, Riss!

  2. Ampersand is & -- I looked it up before posting.
    I never had any idea what it was called. I almost changed the design to use an asterisk in desperation for proper terminology. Whew! Thank God for Google Answers.

  3. Very cute! I think I need one NAO!


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