Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Sundays are my day for lazing about. I revel in not working. In my realm, Sunday is a day to relax or take on tasks around the house that aren't major feats. I go with the flow.
The first day of the calendar week also reminds me of a time of watching movies on WGN Family Classics with Frasier Thomas. WCIA out of Champaign/Urbana always had some movie playing. This was long before movies were released to video. Channels were limited to maybe 12 stations. What I now know as FOX Broadcasting was WFLD back when I was a kid. Those were the stations I'd flip to and from on the rotary knob of our console television set.
It was my mother who'd insist on us watching "Ma and Pa Kettle" in their various incarnations. I learned to love Blondie and Dagwood in all their black and white ditziness.
Without a doubt, my sense of humor was shaped by those movies and my mother's influence. Of all the motion pictures that were part of my Sunday movie enjoyment, none brings me a greater sense of guilty pleasure than those of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Today, with little shame, I expose one of my favorites:
Pillow Talk
I particularly love the line, "Mr. Allen, this may come as a shock to you, but there are some men who don't end every sentence with a propostion." Nice.



    "Fangs" a lot!
    Rubber chickens
    dah dah DAH dah... dah dah dah DAH

  2. Yes! He's still on. I think it's WCIU -- In Kankakee it's channel 10. he's just as cheesy, but equally entertaining. Mancub watched his first Abbott and Costello meet a monster genre flick with Svengoolie as the host. Good times!

  3. We didn't have Svengoolie growing up in Central Indiana. Instead, we had Sammy Terry on WTTV-4. I wonder, was the campy horror host a sort of predecessor to Joel and the gang of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

    I miss local original programming.

  4. It's funny how everyone has their Sunday memories. For us it was football and the occasional Shirley Temple movie.

  5. Riss,

    This is so funny. He IS still on here on chan 26. I guess I lost track over the years. It's the 2nd one, The Son of Svengoolie, & he even has a blog. Writes about Pres Barack & crooked Gov Blogo.

  6. Ol' Channel 32, AND a Fraser Thomas reference, you really are a local. One Ray Rayner mention short of a trifecta.

    I grew up with these too, though I went for the Saturday Afternoon Monster Movie with Gamara the Flying Turtle and crew, and I pretty much watched "Sink the Bismarck" every year because Fraser told me to.

  7. meta4man, the only reason Ray Raynor wasn't mentioned is due to him being on weekdays in the morning. This is all about SUNDAY. I loved Chelveston the Duck and Cuddly Duddly. The humor exchanged between Ray and CD was the best.


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