Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sanjaya wants to know who he is

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the truly *cough* talented stage of American Idol, look who rears his fabulously coiffed head: S A N J A Y A! Sorry, he's not ready to be done with his 15 minutes of fame.
Per my usual routine in the morning, I checked my emails. Amazon.com likes to give me free MP3s. Do they do that for you, too? More often than not I will take them up on their freebies. I have downloaded some great tracks and some that were more like the aural equivalent to watching paint dry. Sometimes the sample is the best part of the song. It's a risk one takes. It's similar to being all excited over "Don't Mess With the Zohan" based on the trailer. Then, you go and that 30 second trailer was the best parts of the movie. EEK!
Today's spotlight freebie is a release from Sanjaya Malakar's CD "Dancing to the Music in my Head." This is the dedication I have to you people. I risked my sanity and my reputation as a totally rockin' chick when I downloaded this song. I have this fear that Amazon is tracking it and will later punk me. There's a cruel trick being played by the group that selects which tunes will be up for free-dom, and I'm now the butt of the joke. Today they are laughing and pointing at me.
For you, my readers, I am suffering a blogosphere wedgie of atomic proportions.
He asks "Tell Me Who I Am ..." Sanjaya, I thought Simon made it pretty clear, but apparently the crying girl started a petition begging you to make a record.
He may be dancing to the music in his head, but it's the voices that are telling him he's fab-u-lous!

Tell Me Who I Am - Sanjaya Malakar

Click it. I dare ya. I double dog ... no, I triple dog dare ya!


  1. He's a real nowhere man, sitting on his nowhere can.

    Oh, that reeks!

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  3. ROFL! Sanjaya was on the radio show I listened to this morning! I about died when I found out he had a book deal....


  4. It will be a cold day in hell when I click on that link. There are some things a person just can't erase from their memory. But thanks for giving me the heads up to be sure to stay clear of his album! ;)

  5. "Tell me who I eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhhhhhhM ..."

    Wonderful! Rupe's gotta new theme song!

    *Rupe grooves and grooves and grooves and grooves some more*


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