Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Sizzle

I hope you all still find me adorable after viewing this one. Spur of the moment and unplanned seems to be the key element thus far in the video bloggery. I get a wild hair up my tuchus and turn on the cam.
Something I learned while attempting to upload this via blogger's video doo-hickey -- vids can't be bigger than 100 MB and, in my case, no longer than 5 minites. Whoopsies! I babbled on a wee bit too long. So, I uploaded my very first video to youtube. It's set for private on the site, though. I'm not ready to get up in the faces of cynical, know-it-all, bratty brat youtubers.

Have a great a great weekend!!


  1. Ok, you are hilarious! The funniest thing is that I thought this is what you sounded like!


    I'm so excited to cheer you along on your journey.

  2. OMFG! You are hysterical. I love the sound of your morning voice. And as for the lifestyle change, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just loved the hair and what a wonderful peek into your morning routine. Many women would love to look that good when they wake up in the morning. Cheering you on with the lifestyle change.

  4. OK you freaking crack my shit up!! You are so funny. I totally want to be there with you and hang out WOMAN!! WE could have some kind of fun. Amazing video, I just love you!

  5. OK, I EXPECT and downright DEMAND that you post a video blog every day. I am not taking away from your obvious talents as a writer, but damn girl, you are funny! Keep up the good work.

    I really admire your courage, MR!


  6. Claudia, that's so funny. I am glad I lived up to your vocal expectations.

    Jen, I think I sound like I have a tangelo lodged in my throat, but woo!

    Jerry, you are so sweet. The graininess of the cheapo cam helps hide the blotchiness and make up smudges.

    Topsurf, I would so love to hang out with you. Can you imagine the nuttiness of a grown up slumber party? Hells yeah!!

    Dan, I fear people would think me self-absorbed or get sick and tired of seeing my rambling LIVE if I did it daily. For you, I could go at least 3-4 x a week.

    I'll take a vote of hands.

  7. I can't get it to play! /cry

    (My Word Verification was Hurti OL)

  8. Dang you look so fine in the morning.

  9. I am so hair-envious! And thanks for inventing that bra removal while clothed move; my husband loves that move!

    Karen Wiley

  10. I love it! You look fantastic in the morning! Good luck on your weight loss journey, I'm in the car along for the ride with you!


  11. damn you look hot, I'd hit that


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