Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Casa Riss at night = weirdness

I don't know if it's the winter weather and I have my heat turned up too high or I've piled on too many blankets, but I have had weird dreams. Perhaps I'm running a low grade fever. Just maybe working out is ridding me of toxins that are reeking havoc on my nocturnal thought processes. Let's go with the last suggestion as I want to believe more good is coming from being kinder to my body.
Here's an example:
The other night, the howling video kitty woke me from a dream. In this dream I was calling a prize claim line where everything was made from LINOLEUM. Yes. You read correctly. Umbrella stand: Made of fine grade linoleum. Also offered was a lamp, shoe rack, and book shelf. All were comprised of the floor covering of the 70's.
Hello! Weird.
Every night this week the kitty heard in my video has been waking us up in the wee hours with her obnoxious tones. She's been boisterous and determined to get me out of bed. Mancub, who sleeps like a log, was even awakened. She stood outside his room whooping it up. I know she's not in heat any longer. So, what gives?
Every time she's done this, I usher her downstairs and shut the door that allows entrance to the upstairs. I need my sleep. I am not a happy camper when jolted awake. I am a force to be reckoned with. If my slumber is not being interrupted for good reason, hell hath no fury. That's all I'm sayin'.
Last night was bitter cold. The wind was gusting and more snow was in the forcast. At 3:30 a.m. Silver, howler cat, started in. I was in the middle of a dream (can't recall it now) . I shouted at her. Mancub hollered at her. I called to her in an attempt to make her come to my room and chill. No luck. I switched on the hall light. She was standing firm next to Mancub's door. I shooed her, but she ran into my room. Our more mature cat, Mo-mo, growled and hissed. That action deterred Silver from running under my bed. She scampered down the stairs and I followed suit -- making sure to close the door behind me.
As usual when I wake up in the middle of the night, I had to use the bathroom. Silver's spastic antics didn't cease. I thought the wind was bothering her. Noises coming from outside had her on alert, perhaps.
Before returning to my bed and locking Silver in the living room for the night, I took a gander out my front window. It overlooks the porch. gasp Something was moving around on the porch. It was far too large to be another cat or even a raccoon. The creature of the night was anxiously pacing. First, it went down the 3 steps, then turned back. I crouched down and watched it feverishly move about in the snow. It stepped down in an opening where the gas meters reside. A small animal would easily gain access under the porch. I often see rabbits retreating under there. It appeared to me that this larger animal wanted to be under the porch, too. I suspected, however, this furry tailed beast wasn't seeking refuge. He was looking for dinner.
A large, red fox wanted to make dinner reservations at Casa Riss. I left the window for less than 5 seconds to retrieve my camera. Upon returning, he was gone. I have no idea if he'd squeezed under the porch and managed to acquire his entree du jour.
His paw prints were covered by the falling and drifting snow. There's no apparent trace of what I spied in my early morning vision.
I have to credit Silver for alerting us that a predator was in our midst. The fox was just doing what comes naturally for his survival. As for Silver, she was protecting Mancub. He is, after all, her boy.


  1. Ah, the Red Fox:

    no wonder your cats were going nuts.

  2. Wow. Fox around your house! That's so cool. Did he look starving or all fattened up?
    What a good kitty Silver is though trying to protect his boy.

  3. Now if only he could bring along his human male counterpart to entertain Miss Riss!!

  4. Crazy! Are you sure you weren't dreaming? Maybe the fox was made of linoleum and he was being delivered to you as your "major award."


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