Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When the goin' gets tough

... the tough keep on plugging along. 'Cuz that's how we roll, home-skillet!

I've been having a good ol' time video blogging. I have to admit it's a lot easier, but I understand that a little Riss goes a long way. I'm assuming that's why men don't' stick around longer than a month in my life. Those who do just never really go away. Sort of like that mustard stain on your favorite, and usually new, crisp white shirt with the French cuffs. You let the stained shirt hang around because, in a pinch, it serves a purpose, albeit rare and short lived. Once in awhile it comes in handy when it's sweater weather, but the French cuffs don't quite work well with the cardigan or pull-over.

I sat down at the computer without any idea what I'd write. I'm sure that's vividly apparent. To be honest, I'm craving something and I have no idea what it is. So, I'm writing with hopes the craving will subside and I'll forget all about it.

Tuesdays have been devoted to kindness. What is a kindness I can share? Hmmm.

Well, a short time before Christmas I anted up the money to buy friend's little girl a dress. My friend wasn't able to break away from work to do it herself, and handed me her debit card. Knowing that ID might be required (she doesn't sign the back of her card) I just used my card. The dress was drastically reduced. My friend's daughter loved it and would be wearing it in a performance with a youth choir. I was delighted to help her get the dress before it was purchased by someone else. When her daughter told her what I did, my friend assured me she'd pay me back. This friend is the same one who left the heart shaped tire imprint on my drive way.

My friend struggles with her health. In spite of having insurance, her medical bills are mounting. Her husband was laid off and just now acquired work. I know very well if I suggest to her that payment is NOT required, she will insist. I've decided to make the dress a gift. I've feared asking about the performance because it might trigger her memory and she'll want to pay me back. That is not what I want. The amount is not, by any means, monumental. Her daughter felt like a diva and a superstar. She thanked me profusely for taking her to get it. She's a great kid. The debt, to me, is paid in full.

I've been showered with kindness regarding my lifestyle change efforts. I want to thank Chase for sharing his story of weight loss with me. It's truly an inspiration. I don't know that I could live off beans, brown rice and canned tuna. You're way more man than I am. HA! Maybe one day if I can duct tape Thelma and Louise down enough, I'll join you in a run.

I thank CAT for giving me such sound advice and reassurance that my detox accompanied with flu-like symptoms were normal. The not so common-common sense tips you gave me keep ringing in my head. I know I can do this with friends like you.

To Jane, Tessa, Patty, Jen, Karin, Claudia, JAG, Devyl, Soren, Bronson, Kat, Jan, Laura, Yoon, Dan, James, Mahala, John, Michael, Jerry, Tonianne, Lance, Robyn, Sherrie, Shannon, Rene, Lydia, Douglas, and Shanna -- you're all beacons of inspiration, compassion and encouragement. I know I'm probably leaving someone out and it's not intentional. OY! My Plurk friends, as you know, always seem to have the right things to say right when I need it the most.

Today I bestowed a little retail kindness on Mancub. Because Christmas was lean, I figured I would take the money that I'm saving on lunches at the mall to buy the boy something I knew he'd like. My co-worker Scott had returned from FYE with a DVD gift set of FAMILY GUY BLUE HARVEST. The set was once priced at $39.99. It was marked down to $12.99. In the set is 2 dvds, a t-shirt, 3D glasses, collector's cards and booklet. The shirt alone would worth the asking price of the set. So, off I went and picked one up. When presented to Mancub, he was so excited he ripped into it immediately and put it in the player. He needs to keep close tabs on that t-shirt, though. It might very well find itself in my laundry basket by mistake.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You are a inspiration to me day in and day out. (((hugs)))

  2. Adores you beyond reason! I got yer back hon! Anytime! Muah!

  3. You are awesome! What a sweet thing to do for your friend. I hope your mancub does something sweet for you!

  4. Dear Pebbles,
    I love your blog and I adore YOU!!

    MIss you, BTW. Now that you've got all these plurker plunker friends, you've gone MIA... :(

    Hope YOU had a GREAT Tuesday!! XOXO

  5. Lydia!! You are always on my mind. I am so far behind on reading. When you were in LA you didn't blog a lot. So, yep. I fell behind once you returned home. I tried to subscribe and I got a failed page thingy. I'll try again. That way you're front page and center :)

  6. I try to be positive, upbeat & happy everyday.

    I try to better myself everyday.

    I try to learn something new everyday, whether it be about my passions -- art & music, or health, exercise & nutrition -- whatever.

    And I'm more than happy to pass along ideas & routines that work for me because they might also help someone else.

    Every human body desires the same thing -- to feel great about themselves, to be healthy, to be successful and proud about something, to have fun.....

    And we can all help each other. I'm seeing how great blogs can be. Everybody has a little input to further the cause. And we can all benefit from each other.

    2009 is going to be FABULOUS!


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