Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parenthetical Knockers

I love to snark.

I love American Idol.

I love Sean Daly's Pop Life blog.

Put them all together ....

I love to snark about American Idol on Sean Daly's Pop Life Blog.

Participating on a blog that is part of a newspaper which is family friendly sets limitations on what you can write. Foul language isn't permitted. Dropping the f-bomb is a big no-no. Expletives in general are snagged by the censors aka the blog police.

Some words that many people deem harmless, such as, slang for body parts are slammed down and beaten into submission. For what it's worth, I don't think a lot of people under the age of 21 frequent Sean's blog unless he's writing about his big brother like relationship with the Jonas Brothers. ::fist bump::

I believe it was last week -- it really seems like this season of Idol has dragged on much longer, but alas it's only two weeks in to a long assed journey till the crowning of season 8's most popular performer. Sorry, I'm easily distracted. Last week I tried to type the word BOOBS. I have no idea why, but where there's Marissa there are boobs (literal and figurative.) I sort of have a reputation of ushering the blog into the gutter.

Boobs. I'm getting there.

I was rudely halted by the family friendly censors of the blogosphere. I can't type BOOBS? Where there's a will there's a way.

B@@BS (that's highlighted, but I have no idea why. Ignore it.)

Sean got a kick out of how it looked. Even more exciting was that we were able to type the word freely and funnily.

Last night during snark-a-rama week deux, Sean wrote boobs as b@@bs expressing how much he really loved it. Me being a total goober fan-girl got a charge out of creating something to the Pop Life commander and chief was totally diggin'.

Being a former chatroom junky, I called upon my creative scrolling conversational skills and gave Pop Lifers this:

( @ )( @ )

Parenthetical Knockers was born from the cranium of Sean himself. What a great band name, huh? "Parenthetical Knockers and the Air Quotes" The idea was so inspiring I ran to my source of virtual t-shirt design and came up with a couple designs. Simple and to the point.

I immediately sent them off via email to SD. This afternoon I read a return email of dismay as he wasn't able to post the t-shirt design on his blog. Why, you ask? THE CENSORS!! So, I am here to oblige Sean and Pop Lifers with the offending item in question.

Seriously, I know it would embarrass the hell out of my son, but I want a REAL t-shirt. Who's with me? Can we order a gross? Shall we have them print in bulk?? The first one is what I sent to SD last night. After a comment left by Douglas, I created the other two. There's a point in having the words on the t-shirt (graphic design correctness or not) So, there's the compromise.

You can sport around this design. Seriously! Invite only for now. Not a general public product, but I like y'all well enough to share. I have no idea what I'm doing. I can already feel my tuchus getting burned on this.


  1. I think the design speaks for itself and you don't need the words. If the 20 grand on art school taught me anything it is that Less is More. I say put it on cafepress or zazzle and folks can order straight from there. Do it fast before someone steals the idea, though....

  2. OMG! Of all the freakin times to be out of a job ... that is SUCH A GREAT SHIRT!!

    I am laughing my ass off (and now having a coughing fit - dammit!). This is phreakin phenomenal!

  3. tittie (@)(@) witty

    I'll take one of the girlie shirts.

  4. Riss! Lovin' the blog. And of course I'll take a shirt!! Dede

  5. Hilarious! I agree - I don't think you need the words... it speaks for itself.

  6. Brilliant! All that chatroom experience finally paid off!


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