Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Suck in the 80s week - American Idol 7

Well, the lord, god, king guru of Stuck in the 80s -- Steve Spears -- joined the troop of commenters on Sean Daly's blog. I feel for Steve. He lives and breathes the 80s. I offered to send an emergency team to be ready with a crash cart. Yes, our beloved 80s are being taken to the curb and kicked around ... a little. It wasn't horrific. Well, not completely horrible. Y'all know by now I love Michael Johns and Jason Castro. I support David Archuleta's vocal skill. However, he needs to stop listening to his mom on his song choices. He needs to, in Simon's words, be careful about getting too depressing.

Despite what some of my blogging buddies say about Michael Johns' performance, I think he owned it. Yes, he had some bum spots. However, he took a song and gave it the INXS treatment. I thought for certain he'd just go with INXS and make everybody happy. It is my guess that he's already tired of being compared to the late Michael Hutchence. It's an enormous compliment, but for someone who wants to make their own mark, it probably gets old. Who wants to be "another" when they're pursuit is to be an original?

Another favorite performance of the night was the adorable Jason Castro. I don't know how anyone cannot love this kid. He took on a huge effort of singing "Hallelujah" made famous by Jeff Buckley. To be honest, I hadn't heard this song until watching Shrek and I believe that version was done by Rufus Wainwright. None the less, it's a brilliant song and arrangement. A major hurdle to take on. Jason did it justice.

Now comes the guy I don't want to like. He and I just haven't clicked. However, I do appreciate when someone takes an otherwise lame song and turns it into a guitar smashing success. I raved over what Chris Sligh did last year with Endless Love. David Cook really turned up the skill level by giving Hello by Lionel Richie a make-over. You remember the video when the blind girl sculpts a bust of his huge melon. This version sounds far from the original ... Thank God! I'm not big on the over blanging guitar, it starts out rough, but he really pulls out the stops by the chorus.

As for the rest of the guys ... I don't care. Luke is going home. David Hernandez or Chikezie might have to hear the good bye song. Danny, sadly, will be safe due to 12 year old girls who have an affliction for loving effeminate boys or Hannah Montana. For the sanity of blog buddy Bassnote, I won't post the debacle of a performance from Danny Montana -- Tainted Love.


  1. We might be sisters separated at birth and by a couple of years. I blogged about finding the perfect bra a couple of months ago (if you do a search on my blog -- BRA NAZI)... too funny that I googled and found you and we are practically neighbors. I have relatives in MOMENCE!

  2. Wow! Welcome and thank you. I'm so glad you found me.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one driven to near insanity regarding bras. Ugh!

  3. Hallelujiah was originally a Leornard Cohen song. It has been covered many times over the years, but he wrote it!


    hang in there kiddo!

  4. Hallelujiah was ALSO in one of the Shrek movies! My kids noticed it RIGHT AWAY!


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