Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MP3s for FREE!

Whenever I stumble across freebies, I like to share. Consider it part of my giving nature. Hoarding is only part of my nature if it happens to be designer shoes in my size at Payless BOGO prices.

As I've stated before, I am a lover of I frequently buy my MP3s from there because the price is typically less than iTunes, and is automatically added to my iTunes playlist. The freebie download on iTunes this week is a country song. And I'm not inclined to download country unless it's one of those novelty tunes like Kenny Chesney's "Shift Work" -- even if it's free.

Unlike iTunes, Amazon has more than one free download available and it's for longer than a week. Like that pair of glorious 3 inch heel boots I bought for 90% off the retail price, it's worth it even if only used once. Last night I received the weekly newsletter from Amazon and boy, oh boy, was I thrilled. They had real weiners on the new freebie download list. Here is a list of the goodies I gave myself for (ha) a song.

    • Justin Townes Earle ~ Hard Livin'

    • Finest Dearest ~ Your Hometown

    • Sloan ~ Who Taught You To Live Like That

    • The Blakes ~ Two Times

    • Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell ~ Second Option

    • The Sadies ~ The Trial

    • Christian Brown ~ A Mile Above a Small Town

  • And with my PepsiStuff points, I bought Rick Springfield's cover of "Under The Milkyway"

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