Monday, March 24, 2008

All night love making -- the truth

My friend Kim posted this on my myspace page and It's just too good not to share.
Has a man ever told you (or have you ever told a woman) that you're going to make love all night long? Has he growled about his sexual prowess? Have you been left aching afterwards? ... aching for the promise that he couldn't keep, that is.
Seriously, do you want that? Quite frankly, I'm thinking there's not enough KY or Astroglide in the world that'd make me want it A L L N I G H T long. Eesh, talk about overkill. ha! Just give it to me, baby, and let me get some sleep. There's nothing to prove. I'm simply not that flexible anymore and I don't need to brag you up to my friends. Most of them are men anyway and it would probably gross them out to hear.


  1. I mean to write more than that previously. Something happened. I don't know.
    Anyway, I'm thinking of the song "60 Minute Man". What's your opinion there? Just wondering.

  2. Well, the song is amusing. A man who can go for 60 minutes? Is that consecutive minutes or broken up with water breaks every 15 mins or so?
    Color me crazy, but I might need a magazine if it's 60 mins of non-stop thumpin'

  3. If memory serves, I believe the time is allocated as follows:

    "There'll be 15 minutes of kissin'
    Then you'll holler 'please don't stop' (don't stop!)
    There'll be 15 minutes minutes of teasin', 15 minutes of squeezin' and 15 minutes of blowin' my top"

    So sayeth Lovin' Dan of The Dominoes


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