Friday, March 14, 2008

Gag me with a spoon!

In a sense I do wish that I could gag myself and vomit. In doing so, however, I would be forced to relive and re-taste the nastiest, most vile concoction of my short Nutrisystem experience. Seriously, this stuff tasted as sweaty gym socks smell. You know how something can be so pungent that it actually finds its way to your taste buds? And then comes that gag reflex? Well, my supper was something of a nightmare.
For dinner tonight, I made my son Chinese food. I attempt to coordinate our dinners so they are similar. Unfortunately, I had nothing along the same lines in my NS cupboard. Therefore, I opted for the BBQ sauce with beef, beans and rice.
Oh dear God! I wish I had ipecac on hand. I wish I could rinse my nostrils free of the odor. That stuff was so gross. I was starving, too. My green beans were no longer edible. I was so grateful my dinner salad was tasty. Gnawing on a paper plate would have been more palatable than this slop. I thought last night's dinner couldn't be topped in the bad category. The sorry excuse for stroganoff was fine dining in comparison to the BBQ nightmare.
I tossed it in the trash along with the tainted beans. The mere thought of consuming it has me queasy. I've never been one to push away food. I'll eat the crappiest of culinary faux pas just to please the hostess. No doubt that I've been known to eat just about anything. You don't get this size by being finicky.
This is a coup for me; a major feat. For me to not eat something (even unpleasing) in the face of true tummy growling hunger tells me that I'm learning about my bad eating habits.
After scraping my plate and guzzling down a large glass of water, I called up and took that horrendous entree and the stroganoff from my auto-shipment. Dreadful stuff, I tell you. DREADFUL! I know, or think, that I need to eat something else. However, I dont' want to. I feel fine. I'm letting it go.
Other than the stomach churning BBQ incident, I am having little issue following NutriSystem. Making my lunch is far simpler. I grab a bag of baby spinach, unlimited veggies, a lunch entree and off I go to work. I actually eat breakfast without feeling deprived and starving by mid-morning as I had pre-NS. My favorite breakfast treat is mixing the granola with non-fat yogurt and a qualified fruit serving. I love yogurt. It's not a ton of food, but it manages to keep me satisfied all morning.
Above all else, I feel better. My joints don't ache nearly as much. My socks aren't leaving indentations in my bloated ankles (because they aren't bloated). I have more energy and an increased positive attitude. Don't go to my co-workers for verification on this. They'll probably tell you I'm a non-stop flight to Bitchville at Mach 5.

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