Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nine Inch Nails -- Ghosts I-IV

I'm an amazonian. I love MP3 downloads. They are often cheaper than iTunes and just as easy to use. They aren't as expansive as Apple iTunes, but I always check there first anyway.

As a subscriber to the MP3 newsletter, I get notices of free and greatly reduced digital albums or specials. Today's email contained this and I felt obligated to share it.

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    Dear Customer,
    As someone who purchased alternative rock music, you might be interested in downloading the new 36 song Nine Inch Nails album,
    Ghosts I-IV, available now for just $5 at Amazon MP3 . Recorded over ten weeks and conceived by Trent Reznor as a soundtrack to daydreams, this four volume set is only available digitally through Amazon MP3 and the band's official website.All digital music downloads at Amazon MP3 are free of DRM software, which means they will play on on virtually anything that plays MP3s, including PCs, Macs®, iPods®, Zunes®, Zens®, iPhones®, RAZRs®, and BlackBerrys®. If you'd like to find out about new MP3 releases, special events and free downloads, subscribe to our weekly Amazon MP3 Download newsletter.

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