Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol 7 -- mumble mumble Can he work it out?

Yes, my dear friends. David Archuleta botched the lyrics whilst in the pimp spot. I don't know if the bigger stage and brighter lights made him fumble, but, unlike Brandon from last year, David has a huge following. He might slip a rung or two, but this won't be fatal.
My 'Roo performed an exquisite song, but the judges -- primarily Randy and Simon--said he only managed to keep it mediocre with "Across the Universe." Michael Johns are you losing your fire? I don't think so. I loved it. It was low key in comparison to your past ventures, but I still support you. He took the route of evoking emotion rather than oozing with Aussie sexuality. Maybe he needs to revisit his first performance and channel Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. Or maybe his fans love him just the way he is.
Carly gave her best performance to date with her take on "Come Together." She says she always performs this song when she's doing a show. It shows that she knows the song well and FINALLY she displayed more stage performance. She's coming out from under the Blarney Stone. The future weeks ought to be something as long as the song is right.
David Cook is growing on me like mildew in a frat house shower stall. I'm not about to douse him with KABOOM! anytime soon. The boy is truly pulling out the stops and proving that he's a great live performer. I figured someone would dress up "Eleanor Rigby" but I didn't pin it on him. Well done. Watch the video attached to this link and you'll see why DC is losing his mildew status and moving up on the Riss Radar.
Amanda Overmyer continues to rock out on her one trick pony. I don't know how far that will take her, but she's a shoe in for the top 10 spot. She and her incense, non-filter Camels and cheap bourbon are going on the road.
Syesha did well vocally, but she's forgettable. She had the tough spot of going first. If you don't go out with both guns blazing, you're sunk into the abyss that is temporary amnesia. She'll see the dimmed lights in the bottom three tonight.
Ramiele bored us with blandness while singing "My Life." It's a shame. I like that song. I thought Carly would take it on and give it new life. Instead Ramiele pulled it off its respirator and no crash cart could give it life once she was done. Honey, like your BFF Danny, you'll know what it's like in the bottom three. In fact, you might be having lunch with him tomorrow to commiserate.
David Hernandez hopped around uncomfortably through the crowd. Interesting considering he's accustomed to maneuvering through a maze of people. Perhaps he had far too many clothes on. Needless to say, he needs to make peace with being in the bottom three.
Brooke chose wisely and kept it simple and "Let it Be." Her maturity is showing and will ease her comfortably into the top 10 if not the top 5. I like the simplistic nature of her voice, but I'm still waiting for more smolder.
Kristy Lee Cook butchered, mangled, destroyed an otherwise fun loving Beatles song: "Eight Days a Week" She proved that NOT every song can be turned into a country song. I know it's always done, but it's wrong and no one who appreciates Lennon and McCartney would vote for that. Shame on you if you did -- I will turn my back to you now and ignore you.
Jason Castro returned to the safety of his guitar. Simon told him it was like watching a guy playing and singing in his dorm room. I thought it was worthy of top ten. Maybe its his beautiful blue eyes that pull you in to his dredlocked world.
And last, but so far from the very least was CHIKEZIE! I will be singing the praises of this particular performance for a long time. I'm anxious for it to come out on CD in full length. No shortened AI stage length. I want the entire she-bang. HE WAS AWESOME!! This is the beast I was waiting to be released. He worked the stage, the audience, the television viewers. All three judges were in awe. That doesn't happen often. Sean Daly declared last night that he thought he'd slipped into a parallel universe. I couldn't have agreed more when Paula Abdul and I shared a similar thought. The intro to Chikezie's performance of "She's a Woman" was reminiscent of O Brother Where Art Thou. God help me if any further like thoughts happen between myself and the often loopy Ms. Abdul.
Chikezie was THE hot one of the night. No doubt, hands down. He won my votes. I just hope my other favorites took notes and learn a valuable lesson. Michael and Jason I'm talking to you.

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