Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol 7 -- Michael Johns is a doll

Yes, he's gorgeous, talented, and now a doll at my fingertips. Thanks to my cyber-friend Jane, I can undress Michael Johns whenever I want to. I can make him drop his pants and strip off his shirt. For you guys, you can (un) dress Paula Abdul up in your love, but seriously ... I think all it would take is a shot of vodka. If you're interested in having a bit of fun while you're working. Or, you're killing time before the show comes on this evening, here's the place to be.

The other American Idols can be toyed with, too. Sean Daly, you can go dress up Amanda Overmyer. Please, no more 'Maude' attire... and you might want to wear gloves, my dear. Go on; have fun.
Michael has on way too many clothes.

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  1. OK, I just checked out that website and I feel a bit dirty now. The Chickezie doll is the most frightening at all, as he is holding his hands as if to say "see the glory that is my groin". The Randy one is a bit scary too, with him lounging in his AI chair in what appears to be UnderArmor. Yikes.


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