Monday, March 3, 2008

Day One ~ NutriSystem

::insert daunting music:: I've always been one who averted diets. I hate being told what I can and can't do. This is especially the case when it comes to what I'm permitted to consume. That form of thinking has taken me to a weight I haven't seen since full-term pregnancy. I was overweight when I became pregnant. I had my son thirteen years ago. The "baby weight" excuse is no longer viable. Shoving McDonald's Super-sized fries in my face will not get me to my high school graduation weight. Which, ironically, I considered hefty in 1983.

That's me on the left. It was my 18th birthday. I spent it with my brother Doug and his (then) wife out in Boulder, CO. A gift from my Dad for graduation. I look at this photo and think I looked damn good in comparison to now. I made that dress, by the way. In addition, my boobs were far more manageable. Seriously, that is a major hindrance in my life despite the amount of chatter I devote to Thelma and Louise.
I found new inspiration to drop the weight and get healthier; my 25 year high school class reunion is coming in July. I want to look better for that. What's more important is that I need to be healthy for my son.

When I attended my 10 year reunion in the Summer of 1993, I was about 30 pounds less than I am today, but more solid. The dress I wore was sleeveless and I had no fear of the underarm chicken wave. I worked out regularly, but still ate like I as a linebacker with the Chicago Bears. Today I could wear a burlap sack and still feel that too much flab would show.

This is a more recent semi-full view of me. I avoid having photos taken below the neck. I know that aesthetically I do not look hot or sexy. Don't try to convince me that it's ALL a state of mind. If that were the case you'd see pleasantly plump women on the runways and splattered all over billboards and television ads. I know plenty of larger women who have captivating attitudes and confidence, but flubber -- typically-- just doesn't immediately capture someone's eye. It's all been scientifically calculated and proven. It's the nature of the beast; survival of the fittest. Do not attempt to tell me otherwise.

Sunday, March 3, 2008 marked the first day of my NutriSystem lifestyle change. Yes, it's encouraged not to call it a diet. Diets imply a temporary fix. I want this forever. I look at my lively, handsome son and know it. I fill the role of both mother and father in his life. I have to be double the human, but not literally!

I went through the program and shopped for the produce and extras that need to accompany the meals I received via USPS. To be honest, I felt like I ate more than I normally do even though the portions are much smaller. With being allowed to eat unlimited lettuce varieties, it gives me the chewing fix I need. Thank God for flavorful greens. Less dressing is required.

I was fine while working, but once we had dinner and the Man-cub and I started watching a movie, I wanted to dash to my cupboard for our ritual micro-wave popcorn. I resisted and grabbed celery. I know, a far cry from the faux buttery goodness of Pop-Secret Home style, but I would have sabotaged everything I'd done that day. I crunched and munched. In fact, the Boy did the same. He's eating the veggies rather than grabbing for the junk. He often requests apples and grapes when brownies or cookies are at hand.

Today marks day two. I ate this really awesome textured and flavored apple strudel scone. I warmed it up and it was delish!

This program is fool proof. At least for me it's perfect. With the color coded packages staring me in the face I can't go wrong. I refer to my food journal and plan what the day's meal choices will be. I'm not much of a thinker when it comes to food consumption. Without a doubt, that's how my posterior got to the size it is now. I can do this, damn it!

I realize over time I'll have to ween off the program and be conscious of portion control and healthy choices. I'm keeping my eye on the prize without fretting over how I'll get there. I was told it takes 21 days to form a habit. I have 20 days to go.


  1. Good on ya, Marissa! I wish you the very best and tons of willpower. Just as you said, I felt that I was enormous in high school, and yet my current goal weight is three pounds higher than my high school weight. Why can't we ever be happy with our weight, even when it's healthy?

  2. YAY!

    You go girl... like you said, it's fool-proof. These next 20 days will fly by... promise.

    The apple scone is MUCH better warmed up. And if you try the scrambled eggs, they are MUCH MUCH better cooked on the stove than in the microwave. This is the Voice of Experience sharing this info...

    Tonight, it's Mac & Cheese w/beef for me. Mmmmm. ;-)

    PS: The peanut butter cookies. Ah-mah-zing. You would never know they're nutrisystem. Seriously.

  3. Thanks, ladies! This is really an awesome thing. MUCH better than 20+ years ago. The food is far tastier.
    I had the cheese ravioli in meat sauce for dinner and I was surprised how firm the pasta was...yumm!
    I did warm up my scone this a.m. It so hit the spot with my coffee.
    Thanks for the words of encourangement.

  4. Yeah for you!! I tried NS for the past year, just canceling it in January. My issues are not yours. I can skip meals. Eat vegetables and lettuce. What I have a hard time with is stress eating. And this year has been stressful. Thus, it was sometimes TWO 3 cheese and pasta dinners rather than one. Sounds like you have a better grasp on what needs to be done... and I wish you all the best!! It really IS good food! :)

  5. Keep up the good work!!!!

    I am on WW. It's the program that works for me. It's worked a few times now... hahahahah...

  6. Lydia, stress eating has been a huge factor in my weight gain since I moved to Illinois from Georgia. I've been a shut in and just lost track of myself.
    I resisted these awesome pastries my boss picks up in downtown Chicago. I'm soooo proud. I didn't even give them a second glance and I was really quite hungry at the time.

  7. Manic Mom, I tried WW several years ago. I know this is probably an isolated case, but the group leader insulted me and embarrassed me in front of a huge group. I only lost 1.5 lbs my second week (normal according to my doc) and she insisted I must not have been following the program. Meanwhile, my friend only lost ONE pound and she received praise lol Weird. I dropped out and got a refund from their corporate office.
    It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, I'm really inept when it comes to planning ahead. That's why this plan appealed to me as a means to get started.


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