Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild Horses: Another cover

On their 1971 release, Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stones included the song Wild Horses. It has been widely covered -- more times than I dare to count. I confess I have not heard each and every artist who attempted to top or equal the original. Thanks to a little movie, Fear, starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg we were exposed to The Sundays' take on the haunting melody. That is what I was most familiar with outside of Mick's vocals on the track.  That is until this morning.  Always a day late and a dollar short, am I!

I'm not going to bother listing all the covers of this song that I didn't like. Nope. No need to waste your time or mine. Rather, let us focus on what I do like.  Please keep in mind that I absolutely love Mick and the boys first take on their composition.  Let's keep that absolutely clear.  However, not until this morning did the lyrics resonate to so deeply that tears ran down my face.  I felt a tugging at my chest as chills ran up my spine. Hairs stood on the back of my necks.

Susan Boyle, Wild Horses from her debut album "I Dreamed a Dream"

I won't babble on any further. My words don't do justice to the beauty. But feel free to discuss. I listened once more and now I need to find another box of tissues.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I adore her voice!!!!!

  2. This is an UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE version!!! Really, there are no new words to describe, only feelings. First time I hear it.

  3. Thanks, ladies. I often take flack for my taste in music. But on this one I am not backing down. I love it.
    Maybe it's due to a woman singing it and knowing pain of loneliness and loss. I don't know. But it spoke to me in a way Mick couldn't.

  4. I was not really a SuBo fan before, but girlfriend got it goin' on with this number. Goosebump city.


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