Monday, February 15, 2010

There's got to be a Monday after ....

It's February 15th and I managed to survive the dread of Valentine's Day. Oh glory be! To celebrate with myself, I purchased a long needed and awaited programmable coffee maker. This time I ditched the conventional glass pot that sits on a warmer only to have its contents scorched. The Keurig and it's specialty pods were passed over, as well.  Instead, I bought a shiny, stainless carafe version that keeps my java hot (it really does) and has matching travel mugs. There is a setting so coffee can be dripped directly into the cups. Oooh fancy. I love it. I loved it even more that when I came downstairs this morning I smelled fresh coffee.  Oh sure, I would have loved an adoring man standing in the kitchen with a mug in hand, but I've learned to accept fate. Half of my fantasy came true thanks to my own doing. In addition to the coffee maker, I picked up a lovely bouquet of flowers to put on my dining table. No need to wait for a man to buy them for me. 

Once again it's time to face reality (not just the fact that a man isn't going to show up scantily clad with a cup o'joe in hand). I need to drop the extra weight I'm toting around on my carcass.  WGN Morning Show has Dr. Ian Smith as their health and fitness expert. I LOVE HIM! I've been hooked on Celebrity Fit Club on VH1 since it started. It's not just that the D-list celebs are fun to laugh at, but Dr. Ian gives sound advice that I've decided to start taking.  On WGN there is a 4-day Diet club and it's working. REAL people giving testimony to the success of the program. I'm a real person. What's ironic is shortly after today's segment, there was a report that film maker Kevin Smith was ejected from a flight on Southwest Airlines. While I'm not as rotund as Mr. Smith, I do fear being the butt of fat jokes when my back is turned or not being able to move about in the lavatory of an airplane due to the junk in my trunk. 

As part of my quest to be bodacious, another Valentine gift purchased was EA Sport Active for the Wii. I might as well get some use out of that game system, too. I'm anxious for warm weather to greet us so Mancub and I can get outside on our bikes.  That along with power walking that I find so cleansing and freeing.

I know in the past there've been other promises to lose weight; get healthy. each time I've seen minimal success and failed.  But just like every other aspect of life, I get up. Dust myself up and start all over again.


  1. Good post and love the coffee maker - I too like a good coffee pot and a great cup of coffee! Enjoy the wii I love mine :)

  2. Here in the land of Blighty it's been a return to the joys of my famous "instant-coffee-pretend-cappuccino" which is made like this... put teaspoon of instant coffee in mug. Add splash of milk. Pour on boiling water from great height so as to make a little foam. Do not stir, you will spoil the macchiato effect. It's not bad. My mom and sis both have Tassimo machines, too. Used them a time or two. Similar to the Keurig. Not bad but a bit noisy.


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