Saturday, February 27, 2010

Off with her flab!!

grody fat. 2 lbs gone, baby!

February 22nd was the start of getting healthy for not so little me.  With the assistance of EA Sports Active, I manage to burn calories without the embarrassment of people seeing me look like a complete oaf while attempting the moves.  The fortunate thing is that I live in a house rather than an apartment. If that was the case, my downstairs neighbors would most certainly think Illinois was experiencing another 3.8 on the Richter Scale earthquake.  I am not light on my feet.

Thus far it's not difficult.  The most challenging part (other than getting up and doing it) is holding the controllers properly so the movements register.  One of the activities is a run/walk/high step interval. If you know my body type, you're fully aware that running isn't an easily executed task. Yes, I need a solid sports bra to help me overcome the current pain I feel in my chesticular zone while running.  Anyway, the inspirational coach (a female in this case) will spew something ... well, inspiring.  In this particular moment Mancub who was engrossed in his Nintendo DS perked up and said, "Did she just say 'Nice Cans!!'?"  I broke my stride with laughter and informed my 15 year old son that she did not say CANS. She said, "Nice cadence. My stride."

The first two days were jam packed with lower body work outs. That area of my body burned. I was so happy for a program day off.  Even with the aches, I didn't feel the work out was intense enough. Selecting low impact/easy was best to start otherwise I might have been injured.  Nothing is more discouraging than having your enthusiasm toward a healthy lifestyle halted due to a foolish injury.  Now that I know it's really easy, medium is working -- I finish feeling cleansed of a smackerel of flubber.

Time for hydration. 

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