Saturday, February 20, 2010

Single girl seeks cool as hell single man

This is difficult for me to articulate.  However, I will make a valiant attempt.

Being single sucks ass. How's that for eloquence?  Oh, sure I make it look like a walk in the park, but I am sick of taking that walk alone, do you dig?  Here's the rub: In my numerous years of singledom, I have become ridiculously particular.  Shame on me. And shame on the men who don't measure up to my expectations. It's not like ordering Chinese take-out.

Here's another thorn in my side.  Sometimes a person drops from the sky (no, not a skydiver) who just rocks your proverbial world, but they aren't exactly conveniently located.  DAMN IT! I suspect a sane person might shrug it off and move on to the next contestant on the Dating Game. But alas, you're discerning and can't stop thinking that there's a reason this awesome cat came from out of the blue and into your dominion. Plus, this guy is f'ing cool that you're willing to walk across broken glass while being doused with flames if it means getting a chance to hang out with him. Then, you get a spanking from reality because neither of you is in a position to hop on a plane willy-nilly.  Frustration takes on a whole new dimension.

That's where I'm at right now.  At this point all I can say is that I feel like a stoopid, giddy 15 year old with a crush.

Queen Bee (aka I'm A King Bee)...

Enjoy  the song.  Get up and shake your tail feather.  If you're like me, you'll imagine yourself doing a raunchy strip tease that will curl the toes of your crush :P It's my mind. Welcome to it.


  1. I know your feelings all too well. I have been there myself before a couple of times. But keep in mind it might not really be in real life what it seems online...just an experience I am making right now.
    I hope that you will find your Prince Charming and live happily ever could just enjoy the fact you are single and pretty much independent.

  2. What is that saying about wanting what we cannot have?

    Singular life is much better than plural life with a loser.

    Cling to the positives, and you have a plethora of them!

  3. Northern, those are indeed facts that I've dealt with in the past, too. Even with those in mind I can't help but wonder and hope to find out. There's a lot about myself that isn't appealing and he's not aware of them, either.
    The Internet opens a lot of doors that would otherwise not be open -- All that being said, I'm so over this single, independent girl schtick. TEN YEARS is a mighty long time.

    Kat, I know that all too well. I lived with a real joker for the sake of making it work. I'm not afraid to ditch men who don't suit me. I keep on trying, though.

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  5. well, sister-friend, Freud would say the distance thing is intentional. As for me...I would jump on that plane willy-nilly. Depending upon where he is, right now airfare is relatively inexpensive. I'd say throw it out there. If he bites and buys, then jump. Your fascinations might be a fart in the wind, and when you come face to face, you realize the fart hung around in the air a little too long and stinks, giving way to the realization that singledom ass-sucking is superior to flatulence blowing A**dom! Love you, when you are ready to give your heart to a new "man-cub" he will be there with red roses, and a heart big enough for you and all that you love! ; )

    wanna hear something funny? the first post had a major Freudian slip in the first line...I actually wrote,"well, sister-friend, Fraud..." LOL

  6. Well, I feel for ya. I notice you didn't mention a name... don't be so darn coy -it's me isn't it? LOL! Haha! No, seriously, I wish I knew what to tell ya - I've been married twice and lookee where I am now.

  7. you beat ! I've been single for 17 years !!! It DOES suck & I'm tired of it too ! I want to spend the last half of my life having fun with someone I like....the steel-lined vault of my heart is sealed soooo tight ! I just recently started corresponding with someone on-line who is
    3 hrs. away.....the distance thing is a drag, but not insurmountable. My heart is going pitter-pat and I can't WAIT to check my e-mail , FB, IM, about feeling like a teenager and I'm over 50 for pete's sakes ! I plan to meet him, but I'm scared and hope that I don't sabotage it ! Juliana

  8. I'd say to anybody... take a chance & meet him. Nothing ventured, nothing gained....Let him come to you. It worked for me.

    Otherwise you'll always be wondering what if?

    It's like THE BLASTERS sing in TROUBLE BOUND:

    I'm old enough to know the score
    But I'm young enough to want more, more, more!....
    Ya see that guy looking fine, fine, fine,
    I'm gonna throw him a good-time line
    If he bites, I'll reel him in
    If he don't I'll throw my line again

  9. You have a very funny and entertaining spirit, wildhair, and your photos and videos show you to be highly attractive. Although the internet allows us to cast a "wide net", someone with the gorgeous mind that you have can--and will--find the person you are meant to be with right in your own backyard. Like a photographer who "sees the world" though angles and with a lens that most of us cannot see, you will need to see your neighborhood at new dimensions. The guy rolling a head of lettuce at the grocery store, the bus driver dropping off your son, the postman having you sign for the package, the person reading Salinger at the library--they are more than just "filling-now-hungry later" Chinese takeout. They are super people, like you (and Mancub); and they are right there.

    Pretend you have a camera (or bring your real camera), and look at every single person as photo-worthy; study them for who they are, and you will feel not only a bond before you even meet them, but you'll feel empowered to go up to them, and say "hi". You have it all, wild. You are a complete package, and that special person is right there close to you.

  10. I wonder. Which is worse? Having a crush on someone that's on the other side of the country, or having a crush that's local but who happens to be in a relationship? I really don't know, I'd think it to be a pretty tough call, honestly. (And yeah, I'm kinda in that latter situation currently, but it's not as bad as usual for other reasons)


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